Is there Anything Cooler than a Hot Tub Hammock? Definitely Not.

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The Hydro Hammock

Is this the best invention of all time? We think it might be. On Kickstarter right now (of course it’s already been fully funded and then some) is the Hydro Hammock, which is, yes, A HOT TUB IN A HAMMOCK. Is there anyone in the world who wouldn’t love to own a Hydro Hammock? If so, we probably do not want to meet them, because this is an incredible new idea.

If you think of relaxation, odds are that both hot tubs and hammocks come to mind. So, the company behind the Hydro Hammock did something that should have been done long ago – they combined these supremely relaxing things into one incredible product. Now, you can have your own, suspended hot tub anywhere and at any time, which is something that the entire family will certainly enjoy.

I’m sure that you, like I did, have plenty of questions about how the Hydro Hammock works. Well, it’s not as complex as you might think. Just check out the video below and get giddy with excitement as you witness the Hydro Hammock for the first time!

The ways that you can use the Hydro Hammock are pretty much limitless. You can fill up the hammock uses a garden hose, or you can go the eco-friendly route if you’re away from home, drawing water from a nearby stream or lake. Once you have some water to fill up your hot tub hammock paradise, the Hydro Hammock’s built-in heating system recirculates the water and warms it to your desired temperature. It really is that simple.

You can use this epic hammock in your backyard, at the beach, in the mountains, or wherever the heck else you choose. The hammock also comes with an attachment that can serve as a portable shower, allowing you to have hot-tub quality water anywhere, whether to sit in or spray over your head.

With high-tensile fabric and an inner liner, the Hydro Hammock is designed to resist all scrapes and tears, keeping your hot water in the hammock and not leaking onto the ground. The “tub” in the hammock can support the weight of over 50 gallons of water, along with two adults, although the company claims that 20 gallons of water is enough to have an amazing bath anywhere.

All told, we’re incredibly sold on the Hydro Hammock, and can’t wait until it’s widely available. If you feel the same, you can support the project on Kickstarter here!

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