Add Some Mystery to Your Home with a Hidden Door Hinge System

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Hidden Door Hinge System

If you want to really make your house stand out in an epic, geeky way, there are few modifications you could make that are more awesome than a secret bookcase door. This unique feat of architecture has long been a favorite of secret societies and clandestine cults, their mysterious meeting places hidden in plain view.

Now, thanks to the Hidden Door Hinge System from Murphy Door, and a little bit of technical know-how and elbow grease, your home can feature its own hidden bookcase door, protecting your secret lair from the prying eyes of all your guests.

Your kids will have an unprecedented amount of fun if you give them their own hidden room, tucked behind an unassuming bookcase. Who needs treehouses, forts, and what-have-you when you have a perfectly private hideout in the comfort of your own home?

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To be clear, the¬†Hidden Door Hinge System does NOT come with its own bookcase – you’re going to have to buy one of those separately, or, if you’re adept at carpentry, you can build your own. What DOES come in this set is the necessary hardware to mount a hidden door that swings in or out, in a way that seamlessly integrates with your wall. The set comes with top and bottom hinges and screws that can support up to 250 pounds of weight – since your bookcase will obviously need books on it to stay unassuming to your houseguests.

This set comes with a detailed instruction book that shows you how to set up the perfect concealed door, walking you through each step in an understandable manner. However, you will need a minimal level of handyman skills in order to install a secret bookcase door yourself. The end result will be well worth the sweat though, as your house will be the only one in the neighborhood with a super awesome secret door!

Perhaps more than most products we discuss on this site, this Hidden Door Hinge System will keep you and your family entertained and your guests mystified for years on end. The novelty might wear off after awhile, but the door would still be an awesome, attractive, fun feature in your home.

So upgrade your home today! You can get the Hidden Door Hinge System on Amazon right here!


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