Best Geeky-Themed Hand Painted Murals in Kid Rooms

super mario muralWhen our son was in the womb, my wife and I fantasized about hand painting an elaborate, geeky mural in his nursery. We imagined the walls coming alive to the tune of Super Mario World.

Unfortunately, I’m a writer and she’s a teacher and neither of us are artists.

While you can always buy a geeky wall decal that you slap onto the wall, a hand painted mural for your kid’s room is about the king of room decorations. Especially if it is geeky themed.

So, geeky parents, I bring to you the geekiest hand painted murals that we’ve been able to find across the Internet. Let them inspire you and, if you like the artist and have wealth oozing out of your ears, maybe reach out and hire them.

As for us, we’ll have to stick with decals for now.

The Top 8 Geeky-Themed Hand Painted Murals

Word of warning: We don’t really ascribe any meaning to the rankings on this page. They are all absolutely phenomenal works of art and any geeky parent would embrace any of these for their kid’s room with open arms.

8. The Shire

the shire mural

This children’s mural of The Shire is unbelievable. But the lack of Hobbit specific details forces us to put it at the bottom of the list.

It doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful, but this looks like it can be a scene from any fantasy book and it’s only The Shire because the artists says so.

Again, beautiful, captivating, engaging… But it just doesn’t hold a candle to the others…

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7. TARDIS Walk In Closet

tardis mural

You can’t have a top list of geeky whatever without include a good ol’ Tardis.

While this isn’t technically a full mural, it is still one of the coolest, geeky wall painting things we’ve ever seen.

What makes this mural even more awesome is that ANYONE can do it. Yup. That’s right.

The instructions are right here so you can turn any strange cupboard thing into your own TARDIS.

6. Iron Man

iron man mural

Pinterest user Katie Mac hand painted this Iron Man mural on her son’s bedroom wall.

Dear Katie Mac’s Son,

Your mom rocks. And is uber talented.

Every boy wishes he had a mom that talented and cool growing up. Show her lots of love.

Yours truly,

5. Harry Potter

harry potter mural

Craft Art Gallery & Workshop paints some of the most beautiful murals for children’s bedrooms that I’ve ever seen.

It’s hard to pick just one of there’s… After all, they have a Simpson’s Mural, Tom & Jerry, Dr. Who and The Dalek Winnie the Pooh and many more.

In the end, this Harry Potter mural won us over the most though. It’s perfectly dreamy, mystical and eerie all at once.

And if your little Geek has just started reading The Harry Potter series, there really can’t be a mural more perfect to fully engage their mind and body in such a captivating way.

4. Super Mario!!

super mario mural

So this is TOTALLY what I had in mind for my child’s room: A mural of Super Mario Brothers.

Except Sam did this well.

Exceptionally well.

It puts to shame all of my thoughts and dreams for the Super Mario mural I had designed in my head for my kid’s room.

Here’s How Super Mario Will Make Your Child a Gentleman¬†

Stop and think for a moment, parents: How cool would your kid be if he/she woke up in this room everyday?

3. Superhero Mural

super hero comic strip mural

When I was in elementary school, my main hobby was drawing comic book heroes.

I’d spend hours attempting to draw comic book heroes every single day. And they all looked like garbage.

My opinion is that I never had the appropriate inspiration. If I was surrounded by this absolutely EPIC mural every day of my life, I might have been the next Stan Lee.

(Well, probably not, because I didn’t have the talent. But if your little geek can draw, hire this artist. Consider it an investment in their future).


PS Ignore the fact that Marvel and DC are in the same comic strip. Sure, it detracts from the mural’s awesomeness, but only ever-so-slightly.

2. Dr. Seuss Adventure Mural

dr. seuss adventure mural

KariCola over at BabyCenter spent 2 months to paint this Dr. Seuss Adventure Mural for her nursery. She used a projector and free handed the rest.

And I’ve never seen anything like this.

If you have a baby, you must know by now that children’s books are pretty awful.

We read to our son every night and I’m amazed at the garbage that gets published. After a few nights of reading terrible books, I’ll pick up a Dr. Seuss book. After finishing, I consistently marvel at how amazing his books are.

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If you want to raise a reader, writer and creative thinker, having them surrounded by Dr. Seuss throughout their childhood is certainly giving them an upper hand over their peers.

dr. seuss adventure mural

1. Star Wars

star wars hand painted mural

The force is strong with Jamie, a painter and muralist from the DC/Baltimore area.

Not only did she create a Star Wars themed mural, but she created an entire bedroom that was based around the boy looking out of the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon.


Yes, I will repeat that: This bedroom is designed so that Josh, the lucky recipient, is looking out of the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon.

battle of endor

And not just ANY spot in space that the Millenium Falcon happens to be flying through… But it’s a direct copy of a scene in the Battle of Endor.

light saber holder

As if that isn’t enough, she even used a garage organizer as a ‘lightsaber holder’. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?

death star mural

Oh. And she through the Death Star in for good measure.

Josh, you are the luckiest kid alive. May the force be with you.

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