Protect Your Gamer Kid’s Eyes with the Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses

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If you’re raising geeky gamer kids, you already know how much time they tend to spend in front of a computer screen. As a geek yourself, odds are that you don’t necessarily see anything wrong with this, but as a parent, you should know a few of the negative effects that binge gaming can have on your children.

Extended gaming sessions have a few negative effects; however, the most common side effect of gaming can be strained, tired eyes. When any of us, but especially children, sit in front of computer screens all day, our eyes will become fatigued and strained.

Thankfully, ThinkGeek is selling a new product – the Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses – which are designed to combat the debilitating effects of being glued to a screen for too long.

Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses

By staring at a computer screen – or any other kind of LED screen – for extended periods of time, your eyes become strained, which can result in headaches in the short-term, and more severe issues in the long-term. When your eyes strain, you begin to experience things like headaches and optical fatigue, which can be quite debilitating, especially if this happens frequently.

By looking at computer screens for hours on end, your eyes begin to experience these issues, which can result in long-term problems like migraines and poor vision. You do not want your gamer children to have to deal with these symptoms, and you know they’re not going to drop their love for gaming – so why not get them a pair of Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses?

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These glasses work to even out the color spectrum that your eyes take in when staring at a screen – LED monitors put out a lot of blue-colored lights, which effect your retina much more significantly than other colors on the spectrum – by turning many of the colors warmer. In this way, the glasses prevent your eyes from straining and eliminate those pesky headaches and fatigue.

However, that’s not the only way that the Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses can help your eyes. The glasses also significantly reduce glare, which is another annoyance to your eyeballs. The amber lenses on these glasses will make the screen’s irritating glare essentially non-existent.

Your kids may feel nerdy wearing these glasses, but isn’t that kind of the point? Geeks are gonna geek. And in the comfort of your home, nobody will be there to judge anyway.

So, do the right thing and protect your gamer kid’s eyeballs with the Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses, which are available at ThinkGeek for just $69.99 right now.  Like everything else when it comes to parenting, gaming should be done with a safety-first approach!

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