GoldieBlox: A Toy Designed to Excite Girls About Engineering

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If you work in technology or engineering, you can probably count your female co-workers on one hand (seriously. Only 11% of all engineers are woman. That means if you work in a 50 person company, you will be lucky to have 6 female co-workers).

GoldieBlox is a toy that’s engineering to change that.

In the Fall of 2012, Debbie Sterling, an engineer from California, launched a Kickstarter campaign to get funding for GoldieBlox, a construction toy and book series designed to inspire girls the way Legos and Erector sets have inspired boys.

More importantly: It’s hoping to motivate girls to enter the world of science, math and engineering and get them excited about BUILDING STUFF!

Why GoldieBlox Is Important For Our Daughters

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American women are grossly under-represented in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math). This is despite the great strides women have taken to get a solid foothold in the American workplace. A study conducted by Florida Coast University and University of Colorado Boulder finds that while 2/3 of all young kids like science (both boys and girls), the numbers strongly diverge at Middle School and High School.

It’s such a massive problem that the White House has an entire section of their website toward encouraging more women in STEM careers.

Now imagine if the toys for girls in Toys R Us weren’t just dolls and princesses. Imagine if in the age range of 5-9, our daughters got to geek out on building stuff in an environment that’s nurturing and fun for their interests, not the interests of boys.

That’s what the GoldieBlox toy is working towards (and accomplishing!). And that can be powerful to change the number of women in STEM careers.

Apparently, 5,519 backers and Toys R Us agree: GoldieBlox raised $285,881 via KickStarter in 30 days. And then Toys R Us contacted Debbie. And then this happened…

Where GoldieBlox Is Today and Why It’s Proof That We Geeky Parents Want Our Daughters Excited About STEM

Here’s the rundown on GoldieBlox today:

As a Geeky Dad, I want to introduce my daughter (if I have one…) to the science and technology gadgets and geekery that I love.

But maybe that’s where the problem lies. That we’re in a self-perpetuating cycle of men working STEM jobs, so men introduce STEM stuff to their daughters. But all we introduce is boy-ish things and so they’re turned off, or intimidated, or their friends begrudge it as nerdy.

Now, thanks to GoldieBlox, we can introduce a story based engineering toy, that includes characters, reading, and building. In other words: A toy that appeals to the superior verbal strengths of girls, while simultaneously getting them excited about building.

If I have a daughter, I will happily play GoldieBlox with her on a Saturday morning while my wife builds things out of Legos with our son.

Won’t that be cool?

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  1. I love Goldiblox. Have 3, one for my house and 2 for my underteen neices for Christmas. Hope to snatch up the new adventures when they hit the market.

  2. Ehh…. I both love this and don’t. Am I just weird that I was the one in the house with the lego (and Zaks) collection? I always feel subtly uneasy with the assumption that something has to be pink and frilly to interest girls.

    Having said that, there clearly is a need for this, and hey, if your little fledgling and frilly geek won’t touch it unless it’s got the fluff factor, then this is great! I have a little potential princess (who hopefully is as into math as I am), so I’ll be keeping this in mind! (Though she has yet to master the spoon, so this is probably a couple years away at least.)

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