Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Whole Geeky Family

HeaderThe perfect Valentine’s Day gift for everyone in your geeky family is just a mouse-click away.

I know! It seems like Christmas and Hanukkah just ended (didn’t they?!), but it’s already time to pick up a new set of gifts. This time for chubby cupid’s heart-filled holiday.

If you’re having trouble coming up with the perfect present for the geeky love of your life or your geeky little ones, here’s my rundown of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Little Geeks…

…who love delicious space delicacies:

AstronautAstronaut Ice Cream. This stuff is amazing–I remember eating it for the first time when I was just a wee one and being positively perplexed (in a good way!) by the alien texture and awesome flavor of freeze-dried ice cream.

This comes in three different flavors: neapolitan, mint chocolate chip, and chocolate chocolate chip.

And if your little one doesn’t want to eat it right away (cause he or she’s like me and just wants to gawk at it for awhile), don’t worry, because these things can be stored for up to three years before being devoured.

Crave it? GET IT!

…who are old enough to be serious about their OWN love lives:

Dating GudieThe Geek’s Guide to Dating. Obviously if your little geek is really little, you might want to take a pass on this one, but if they’re of an age when they could use a little helping hand in the dating department (and don’t want that helping hand to come from their totally uncool ‘rents), then this might be their new prized possession.

According to the Think Geek description, The Geek’s Guide to Dating “is a hilarious primer, jam-packed with cheat codes, walkthroughs, and power-ups for navigating the perils and pitfalls of your love life with ease.”

Definitely for older geek kids but absolutely indispensable.

Crave it? GET IT!

…who want to role a “20”…in their bellies:

Choco dieChocolate Gaming Dice Set. Does your little geek dig Dungoens & Dragons or other role-playing fantasy games? Then this might be the best Valentine’s Day chocolate they ever get.

Included are a full set of d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20s made from amazing Ghirardelli chocolate.

So good. So, so, so very good.

Crave it? GET IT!

…who need something special on their ponies:

8bit hair bow8-Bit Hair Bow. Did you get your little geeks hooked on old-school NES games? If so, then they’ll love these hair bows crafted from an 8-bit design.

Princess Peach has nothing on your little gal if she’s wearing one of these!

Crave it? GET IT!

…who are spies-in-the-making:

decoder ringSecret Decoder Ring. This is just too cool, and I don’t really know that it’s only suitable for little geeks. In fact, I think I might want one myself.

The ring is made from stainless steel and features a spinning band that helps you write and decode secret messages. Get them for the whole family and make those ever-hated “chore lists” something fun to read.

(You know, that might actually get me to take out the trash when I’m supposed to…. Hmmm…)

Crave it? GET IT!

…who. Just. Need. Everything. Star Wars.:

YodaYODA TERRARIUM! I have no words for how amazingly wonderful and bizarre this is. No, it isn’t explicitly a Valentine’s Day gift (no hearts or candy or chubby cupids here), but since Feb 14th is the next official gift-giving day and I only just discovered this, I say why not?

This Yoda Terrarium is a handmade work of Etsy art crafted from glass, plastic, foam, dried moss, rocks, and acrylic paint.

And I want one. Right now.

(Bonus: if you’d rather have an R2D2, Ewok, or dinosaur terrarium, those are available, too!)

Crave it? GET IT!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Geeky Significant Others…

…who want to impress co-workers:

8bit tieThe ThinkGeek 8-Bit Tie. If ever there was a way to instantly become the most popular fella in the office, this is it, my friends. An 8-bit neck tie.


Crave it? GET IT!

…who love Han and Leia:

HanLeia CuffI Love You/I Know Cufflinks. (Yeah, as if there aren’t any geeks who love Han and Leia…) These cufflinks are pretty freakin’ amazing.

Just don’t try to pair them with the 8-bit necktie, because that is just WAY too much awesome for any one outfit…

Crave it? GET IT!

…who like to cook in style:

cutting boardSpace Invaders Cutting Board. Any gourmet geeks out there? If so, this is the perfect gift to decorate your kitchen with.

But it’s more than a decoration–handmade with walnut and hard maple, this cutting board can take a cuttin’ and keep on struttin’.

Crave it? GET IT!

…who really love Han and Leia:

HanLeia TowelStar Wars Han and Leia Bathroom Hand Towels. Cufflinks not enough? Get these hand towels to bring your love of Star Wars’ most perfect couple into the bathroom.

(Did that sound weird? I think that sounded weird…)

Crave it? GET IT!

…who need a little “flower-power-up”:

8bit flowers8-Bit Flower Bouquet. For men, women, children, and even pets, whose geekery knows no bounds, think about delivering these precious 8-bit flowers on Valentine’s Day.

(Just, you know, if you give it to an actual pet, don’t expect them to last long… Or to come out well in the end…)

Crave it? GET IT!

…who really REALLY love Han and Leia:

HanLeia ringsHan and Leia Silver Wedding Bands. So, you got the cufflinks, you got the hand towels, and you STILL aren’t satisfied that the affection you and your special someone share for Han and Leia has been properly expressed. Well then, take a look at these gorgeous “I love you / I know” rings!

Another brilliant Etsy creation, these rings are made from sterling silver and feature the famous words etched on the bands in your pick from 29 different fonts.

Crave it? GET IT!

Whatever you decide, I wish you the happiest, most wonderful and loving Valentine’s Day of your life this year. Now let your geekery shine!

What are you planning on getting your geeky family this Valentine’s Day? Anything from this list? Anything not on the list? Come on, friends, I need some help!

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