Best 28 Geeky Pumpkins Ever Carved: Ideas for You & Your Geek

SupermanNeed pumpkin carving inspiration? Below you will discover the 28 best geeky pumpkins ever carved!

The leaves are turning and falling, way-edited-down horror flicks are popping up on basic cable, and specialty stores are doing a brisk trade in fake blood. You know what this means: HALLOWEEN’S COMING!!!

What better way to prepare for the creepiest, spookiest, and (let’s face it) most fun holiday of the year, than by checking out some of the best pumpkin carvings out there?

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If you’re one of those crazy artistic types that likes to show off with super detailed jack’o’lanterns (and, hey, I’d DEFINITELY be one if I had the skill!), then you need to take a long look at these geekily carved pumpkins! I’ve broken them down into the 7 top decorating categories for a Super Geeky Hell-o-ween!

7. Film/Television-Themed Pumpkins

One of the old stanbys for enthusiastic carvers is creating the likeness of a favorite character from film or TV. Here are four awesome examples of the kind of gourd magic you can make.

Dr. Horrible

Dr HorribleVia MTV’s Geek News, this Dr. Horrible pumpkin is beyond cool. Just don’t let his sidekick Moist get too close, or you’ll have one soggy-sad pumpkin on your hands!

Zachary Quinto’s Spock

Spock PumpkinThe Pumpkin Geek actually gifted this amazing gourd to Mr. New Spock himself: Zachary Quinto. How ridiculously wonderful is that?!

Patrick Swayze

Patrick SwayzeEveryone’s favorite dirty dancer gets a really sweet tribute here from WalYou & DGould77.

Indiana Jones

Indiana JonesThe Pumpkin Geek strikes again with this rockin’ rendition of my favorite archaeologist.

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6. Carving from Comic Books

Halloween is a great opportunity for closet comic book geeks to let loose and celebrate the medium they secrety love. If you’re one of these folks–or if you’re open about your lifestyle–you need to check out these comics-inspired pumpkin designs!


SupermanGeekologie offers an angry Superman. A very, very angry Superman. His heat vision is definitely in nuclear mode here.

Wonder Woman

Wonder WomanPink Ray Gun posted this super clean, super sweet Wonder Woman pumpkin carving.


HellboyAs seen on Kyle Storm’s Flickr, this Hellboy is kind of cheating as it’s obviously based on the movie version instead of the comics one (that’s definitely Ron Perlman there), but I’m still much more partial to the funny book version, so here’s where it is and here’s where it stays!


BatmanPumpkins by Lisa presents The Dark Knight! Aside from The Flash, Batman is my all-time favorite character from the pages of DC Comics. I tried to make one just like this two years ago. I failed. Miserably. But Lisa sure didn’t!

5. Jack ‘o Lantern Logos

Celebrate your favorite brands by carving their logos into your pumpkin’s face! Sounds like a suspicious bid for free advertising, but you have to admit that these four logo-inspired designs look really, really cool.


WordpressAs seen on Eric Martin’s Flickr, this WordPress design is simple but lovely. It might not come as a surprise that we here at Geeks Raising Geeks hold a special place in our hearts for WP. Because otherwise, you know, we might not have a home…

Firefox & Internet Explorer

FirefoxInternet ExplorerNo matter which side of the battle lines you’re fighting on, CybernetNews presents two really awesome carvings of Firefox and Internet Explorer. You could make them both and pit them, one against the other. Kind of like Peep Wars, but with a Halloween bent. (Yeah… I’m actually kinda digging that… Hmm, if you have any ideas on how they can fight, let me know in the comments below!)


AppleAnd, of course, Mashable has the old Apple standby. Which is pretty freakin’ glorious.

4. The Robots’ Revenge

Who doesn’t love robots? Oh, stop lying, you know you do! Whether they’re droids who offer a helping hand, gigantic space stations hell-bent on destroying planets, friendly old-school bots, or villainous space-school ones, robots are killer ideas for this year’s Pumpkin Carving!

Tin Man Pumpkin

Robot 1He doesn’t look like he’d do much good against the Wicked Witch of the West with Dorothy and Co., but this Tin Man robot does looks awfully friendly. Photo via The Slippery Brick

Death Star

Death StarKinda cheating, I know. The Death Star isn’t officially a robot, but it is technically one. In my book, anyway. Chek out Fantasy Pumpkins for more pics and a list of instructions on how to make your own!


CylonBack before Cylons looked kinda sexy (okay, SUPER sexy), they were scary (okay SUPER scary) robots with bright eyes, tin heads and murderous motivations. This photo comes from Engadget.


R2-D2Geekologie & Noel Dickover present everyone’s favorite droid (the one you are looking for!): R2-D2. The detail is great and the depth of the cuts makes the image much brighter here than in other R2’s I’ve seen.

3. Pumpkins Based on Video Games

A less popular category for pumpkin carving designs, but one geeks like us will totally appreciate is the Department of Video Games. There’s so much material here to choose from! You can go with logos, with character portraits, with something super scary or super funny.

There’s so much gold to mine for here that I can see this category growing and growing in the coming years. But you can get in on the ground floor this month!

Diablo II

Diablo IIIt’s spooky. It’s fun. And it’s totally appropriate. The Awesomer gives us Diablo II, and we will take it. Yes, we will.

NES Controller

NES ControllerOkay, okay, the deisgn itself is a little crude (at least compared to the other crazy artist on this page), but you have to admit that this is a supremely awesome design for a Halloween pumpkin carving. Courtesy of MDHoltDesign.


TriforceMy very first true love in the realms of video gaming was The Legend of Zelda. Sure, I’d played games without number before then, but Link and his adventures just grabbed me by my Star Wars t-shirt and never let go. Ever. Here’s a wicked cool Triforce pumpkin that I am already planning to make. And yes, I’m already planning on how to console myself when I inevitably fail. Photo via Joh Wee.


PlaystationThis one is super simple, but also super duper cool. If you’e one of the Pumpkin Carving Challeneged, like me, then think about tackling this bad boy. Pic courtesy Arandale.

2. Scary Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Why do we enjoy being scared so much? Why do we seek out and even pay copious amounts of money for (Can you say Paranormal Activity 8? Geez, I hope not…) the opportunity to possibly pee our pants? Why is horror such a provocative and meaningful genre in our lives? … Who knows! We need it, we love it, we want some more of it! And that’s all that matters (at least for the purposes of this article). So, to honor of our love for all things scary, think about grossing out your neighbors with carvings like these!

Pumpkin Cannibalism

Scary pumpkinPigtown Design gives us this patently creepy dual pumpkin design.

Giant Zombie Pumpkin

Giant Zombie PumpkinThis certainly isn’t for the light-hearted (or the previously mentioned Pumpkin Carving Challenged), but it’s way too awesome not to include. Thanks to Inhabit & Ray Villafane for the picture!

Helloween Creature

Scary 2This disgusting monster head is the stuff of nightmares. In fact, I can already imagine that I’ll be sleeping poorly tonight… Courtesy of Buzz Patrol & Jon Neill.

Pumpkin with WAY Too Many Teeth

Too ManyTeethHoly moly, this one’s amazing. And totally freaking scary. Thanks to The Meta Picture!

1. The Award for Unbearably Ridiculous Amounts of Detail

Some people have a real knack for carving pumpkins. This knack goes way beyond creative and into the realm of Real Art. I can never hope to be able to achieve this level of greatness, but maybe you can! Check them out!

Iron Man

Iron ManThe Teche Blog posted this crazy Iron Man design that not only makes me want to watch all the movies again (I can pay some bills or something during Iron Man 2, I guess…), but makes me want to be Iron Man. Look at that detail!


BrisingrUsing the cover of Christopher Paolini’s third installment of his Inheritance Trilogy for inspiration, this dragon is about as detailed as they come. How much time did this one take? Can you even imagine??? Photo via Nerd Society.

Wicked Pumpkin Face

Wicked Pumpkin FaceThreadBanger, via AskListenLearn, presents this wholly original, wholly awesome pumpkin face that I couldn’t even BEGIN to imagine how to carve. Seriously. Where would you even start?!


PredatorThis one could absolutely fall under the Film/TV category, for obvious resons, but the amount of detail work in this Predator head is unbelievable. UN-BE-FREAKING-LIEVABLE! I want this one. And I want it right now. Thanks to the The Nerd Filter!

So, what do you think? Does this list of the 28 best geeky pumpkins ever carved set your inner geek-artist rolling? It sure makes me want to shoot for the moon this year!

Tell me what you’re planning on doing for your Great Halloween Pumpkin Scooping. Or show me some pics of your past crazy-cool creations!


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