Top 8 Costumes for Geeky Pets

dog dressed like wolverineAre you ready for Halloween? Or better yet, is your PET ready for Halloween? Check out these geeky pet costumes for ideas & inspiration before the 31st.

So, after countless hours preparing your children, your spouse, and yourself for the spookiest night of the year, you have one family member left to prepare: your pet!

Sure, some pets will hide under the bed at the mere mention of having to wear silly looking hats and teeny tiny boots, but others love the attention they get from their families and others while wearing some goofy miniature clothing.

Listed below are the top 7 ideas for pet costumes that would be great for any family!

Our Favorite Costumes for Dogs & Cats

8. Super Dog to the Rescue!

dog in superman costume

If you just want your dog to look super cute this Halloween, then this Superman dog costume is the perfect choice.

For less than 10 bucks, you get your pooch decked out as Superdog. And they even have a costume for Small, Medium & Large sized pups.

Tough to pull off a themed Halloween year, with a Superdog though… Well, unless…

7. Black Widow of the Poochvengers

The Dogvengers

Even if this Natasha Romanoff is man’s best friend, she probably still won’t let us know what happened with her and Hawkeye in Budapest. But, forgetting that, this adorable costume is put together with a simple red wig and a doggie sized jumpsuit.

Wanting to do a family theme for Halloween? Dressing up as the characters from The Avengers is a great theme for the whole family! Whether the costumes are made or bought from an online source like this, this theme is fun and recognizable to all.

6. Robin, get to the Catmobile!

Robin Cat

Generally, I’m pretty pawsitive that cat costumes are more work than they’re worth, as most cats are more willing to give you a claw to the face than get into that Nick Pury costume you found on eBay. But, when it comes to dressing up kittens, I can’t help myself!

Whether it’s the tiny cape that I am hoping this little kitten has on his back, or just imagining a little kitten exploring a huge world while dressed up as Robin, I believe we could use more kittens in costumes for this Halloween!

5. A Pooch to the Past

A Pooch to the Past

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a have a soft spot for the Legend of Zelda series. Throw a cute dog into the mix and you have the recipe for a squeeling geek. This is an example of a costume that can easily be made a home with a little sewing knowledge!

While this costume might not be very accurate to any Link that I know of (it’s cute, but you were thinking it, too!), it is still an adorable adaptation of our beloved Legend of Zelda series.


4.  Super Corgi Brothers

Super Corgi Brothers
This mini-Mario would be a GREAT addition to a family wanting to do a theme for Halloween!

With so many recognizable characters from the renowned Super Mario Brothers series, and plenty of costumes to be bought or made, let your dog be the leader of the pack as you trick or treat through the Mushroom Kingdom.

Like the toys next to the Super Pooch? GET THEM!

3. Watch Out for the Wampug, Luke!

wampa wampug

Ahh, the legendary “Wampug.” This GIF has been around for ages, bringing a smug chuckle to all who see it.

But, this pug is proof that with a little creativity, essentially any character in geek culture can be brought to life!

While it might not be recognizable to all who see it, you will definitely get a chorus of “Aww!” as you parade your pug down the street with your family.

2. The 11th Vet from Doctor Pooch

11th Vet

Not quite ready to let go of Matt Smith, otherwise known as the 11th Doctor of Doctor Who? With a bowtie and a fez, you can easily have your pet fill in the upcoming void! Take that, Peter Capaldi!

But, taking any character from Doctor Who and dressing your pet as said character is a fun and creative way to explore the almost 50 year old show in further detail!

Whether it is any of the Doctors, the numerous companions of the Doctors, or even the dreaded Daleks, there are so many fantastic costumes to be created from this show!

1. BrBa – Breaking Bark

Breaking Bark

With the ending of Breaking Bad, what will continue the legacy? A frustrated looking pug in a yellow hazmat suit! This costume takes spot number one due to the absolute adorableness of the costume, and the sheer simplicity of it.

Now, though I didn’t watch the series when it was on (I’m getting to it, though! No spoilers!), I can still recognize the yellow suit and the blue “crystal meth,” as I feel that many others that are familiar with the show could!

What will your pet be dressing up as for Halloween? Have you seen an incredible pet costume that we didn’t mention? Do you have a picture of your pet in costume? Share and discuss below!

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