Top 7 Ridiculously Cool Geeky & Nerdy Backpacks

teenage mutant ninja turtles backpackBefore your kids’ definition of what’s cool changes drastically from super geeky goodness to high fashion weirdness, take the opportunity to dress up your little student’s style with these geeky & nerdy backpacks.

From Star Wars to Super Mario, TMNT to Tetris, these packs will blow the minds of geeks of all ages (including you!). Let your kid walk to the classroom with his or her geekdom proudly displayed.

I guarantee they’ll be the hit of the hallways.

The COOLEST Backpacks for Geeks

After scouring the web, here are our picks for the nerdiest, but coolest backpacks that your little geek can wear.

7. Super Mario Bros. Koopa Shell Backpack

koopa shell backpackAs you know, carrying around a Koopa shell makes Mario one serious foe. Now your kid can have the confidence of a video game plumber as he or she carts around a spare shell all the live long day.

wearing koopa shell backpackThe backpack is simple in design, but beautiful in execution. It’s crafted to look like a giant Koopa shell, made from plush material that’s super soft to the touch.

But it’s also nice and strong. The Koopa shell backpack features a single zipper pocket and two adjustable buckle straps. It measures about 16″ in diameter, 7″ thick, and the straps can be lengthened to approximately 30″ in length.

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6. Uanyi Pixel Art Backpack

pixel art backpackNot to get anyone in trouble for copyright infringement, but this backpack is basically a real life Tetris board. How cool is that?!

using pixel art backpackThe pack itself is black canvas and features a yellow base that allows for pixilated shapes (Tetris pieces) to be place on it in any way your little geek sees fit.

It comes with a ton of shapes in a variety of colors, so you or your kid can create the perfect pixel art (Tetris board) picture. Or, if you want to shy away from (Tetris) the game we all know and love, you can use the colorful pixel pieces to create picture of animals, landscapes, or anything else you can think of.

This is a really cool pack with an unexpected user-interface that kids of all ages will love. And it also comes with plenty of interior acreage, including: laptop compartment (14″ x 12″ x 2.5″), main pocket 14″ x 12.5″ x 5″), an elastic compartment (9.5″ x 12.5″), and a pocket on the top handle (3″ x 6″).

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5. Zelda (Inspired) Backpack

zelda-backpack2Another unofficial and unlicensed backpack based on a video game, this Zelda bag is a totally cool schoolroom accessory inspired by the classic Nintendo series.

zelda-backpackThe backpack is handcrafted from heavy woven fabrics in a satchel style that’s cool enough for most adults to wear without scorn.

But the real geeky kicker is the giant embroidered appliqué on the pack’s front, displaying the hero’s sword and shield, complete with Trigon.

Let loose your kid’s inner Link so they can strut around school like the heroes they are.

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4. Batman Molded Chest Backpack

batman-backpack2We all wish we had Batman’s sculpted physique… And now, in a way, we can! This wicked cool backpack features the Caped Crusader’s torso, molded for maximum muscly splendor. And yes, the Detective’s emblem is indeed shining from above those rippling abs in bright gold.

The pack is cool enough on its own, just because of the killer design, but it’s also incredibly practical with a large, 16″ single pocket.

Everything your little Dark Knight needs for the classroom can easily fit inside the pack’s super buff outer shell.

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3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell Backpack

teenage mutant ninja turtles backpack2Perfect for young fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this backpack features several removable goodies that will turn your little geek or geek-ette into their favorite karate-trained characters.

Well, actually, they can only be Michelangelo or Raphael… But those are the best turtles anyway!

The pack itself is rather small, able to fit spiral notebooks well but pretty snug for even a 1″ binder. But it comes with four toy weapons (two nun chucks and two sais) and two face bandannas (orange and red, naturally!).

This is a way cool backpack for TMNT fanatics, even if it is a little impractical for carrying anything more than the bare minimum of classroom supplies.

Crave it? GET IT!

2. Animated Zombie Backpack

zombie-animated-backpackThis brain-hungry, slow-trudging, wild-eyed zombie backpack isn’t based on any established franchise, but that does nothing to take away from its utterly awesome geekery.

girl-carrying-zombie-backpackBecause the zombie face featured on the front of the pack is animated!

Controlled by your kid with a couple of buttons on the pack’s strap, the zombie’s eyes roll around in opposite circles and the nose lets loose a gross drip of yellow snot. And to top it all off, another button makes the backpack emit horribly fun zombie sounds. What kid wouldn’t love that?!

The backpack runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included) and features an inner area of 13″ x 10.5″ x 3″, which is plenty for a few books and spiral note pads.

Crave it? GET IT!

1. Yoda Plush Backpack

yoda-backpackThis… this is just WAY BEYOND cool. Seriously, any kid with even just an inkling of geekdom will be over the moon to be able to cart around Yoda on his or her back throughout the school’s halls.

jedi traqining with yoda backpackThe cute and wrinkly Jedi warrior of the Star Wars universe sits on your kid’s back as if getting a piggy-back ride. Sound familiar? Remember Luke Skywalker running through the wilds of Dagoba, working out with Yoda on his back? That’s exactly what this backpack is made to emulate.

Perfect for going to school or training to become the next Jedi savior of the universe, this Yoda backpack features a pocket depth of 13.4″ to accommodate a wide variety of school supplies.

I dare you to buy one for your young’n and not at least consider picking one up for yourself. Yes, it’s that cool.

Crave it? GET IT!

What’s your favorite geeky backpack of the bunch? Or does your little Geek have one that we missed here? Let us know!

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