Top 9 Geekiest Winter Holiday Songs for the Whole Family

Colbert ChristmasAre your geeky kids tired of the same old ubiquitous Christmas and winter holiday tunes? Mine, too! So let’s start a new tradition by singing these awesome carols for geeks!

Let’s be honest here: you and me, we were sick of Christmas carols and tinsel-tinged tunes even before Thanksgiving.

Blasting through the speakers from our favorite coffee shops, electronics stores, restaurants, and even featured in the TV shows we most look forward to watching, these songs have driven us half mad (if not 100% full-on crazy).

How many more times can we hear “Santa Baby,” “Little Drummer Boy,” or “Jingle Bells” before we swear off the holidays forever and ever? Not many! Not! Many!

But don’t you fret and don’t you pout, I’ve got some new tunes to make you shout! (With true holiday glee, that is.)

Instead of listening to the same old, same old, same old winter wonderland warblers, take a listen to these top nine geeky holiday songs and get the family involved!

After all, nothing says “Yes, my little geek, there is a Santa Claus” better than Chewbacca breaking out in a tear-jerking rendition of “Silent Night.”

Best 9 Holidays Songs for Super Geeks

Can you even begin to dig how great holiday carols can be when you give them a sweet twist? Well, get started right now by listening to these nine amazingly geektastic tunes!

9. “Final Fantasy – The Prelude (Christmas Edition)” – Kenji Ito

The first of several selections culled from the vast anthology of your favorite video game tunes, this is Final Fantasy’s famously lovely “Prelude” (also known as the “Crystal Theme”, appearing in every FF incarnation) with a new holly-jolly twist.

Makes you want to “Attack” a “Fire Lizard” with an “Ice” spell while wearing a Santa hat, doesn’t it?!

8. “Jor-el, Jor-el” – Michelle Osorio

I’m already learning this one for my own geeky fam! It’s a hilarious reboot of the oft-annoying “Noel, Noel,” set to Superman-inspired lyrics. And once you get the lyrics down, it’s easy, because it’s just as geekfully lovely without a full orchestra backing you.

7. “The Rocky Hora Chanukah Song” – The Shlomones

For those of us who celebrate Chanukah instead of (or in addition to) Christmas, here’s a new carol for lovers of the Rocky Horror Show. “Let’s light the candles agaaaaain!”

6. “Carol of the Olde Ones” – Arkham Carolers

Nothing gets me more in the holiday spirit than the world-eating Lovecraftian nightmare entity, Cthulhu.

Okay…maybe that’s not entirely true, but this little ditty (a phantasmagorically wonderful rendition of the “Carol of the Bells,” created by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society) definitely goes a long way toward giving me the energy to wrap all those awesomely geeky little Etsy Christmas presents I bought for my nearest and dearest!

5. “Silent Night” – Chewbacca

Okay, well, you might have a difficult time teaching this one to your little geeks (unless they have an innate and, frankly, priceless ability to mimic a wookie), but it’s definitely an instant holiday classic!

Just don’t tell Disney or Lucasfilm, because I’m pretty sure this little number is TOTALLY unofficial and infringes on a few (several) tiny (huge) copyright laws… But it makes for a very merry Chewie Christmas all the same!

4. “Chiron Beta Prime” – Jonathan Coulton

Jonathan Coulton is basically a god of geeky music and this isn’t his only Christmas ditty–just the best.

And it’s sure worth your time (and your family’s!) to add it to the holiday playlist this year. Many of us may feel like we’re prisoners, I mean RESIDENTS, of Chiron Beta Prime around the holidays, but at least we don’t have real overlords tying us down with tinsel and roasting our toes like chestnuts on an open fire.

(At least I hope not… Do you…? Click once for yes and twice for no!)

3. “Super Mario’s Sleigh Ride” – OC ReMix

The OC ReMix has done some seriously awesome renditions of your favorite tunes, but this 8-bit-inspired holiday jingle has got to be one of the best out there.

Just don’t overplay it! I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it might drive you just as half-mad as “Jingle Bells” if it’s on repeat…

2. “What Can You Get a Wookie for Christmas (When He Already Owns a Comb)” – Star Wars Christmas in the Stars

Did you know that you can purchase your very own Star Wars Christmas album? Well you can!

(Buy it here!)

And one of the absolute merriest tunes on the track list has got to be this jolly jingle about the trials and tribulations of holiday shopping for the wookie in your family.

1. “Jingle Man and Christmas Boy” – Stephen Colbert

Not everyone knows how wonderfully geeky Stephen Colbert is, but it’s true.

When it comes to the Geek Force, I am but a padawan next to his Jedi powers. (Don’t believe me? Check out Stephen performing Tolkien’s Tom Bombadil song with Neil Gaiman on his show.)

Well, he and is staff did a show devoted to Christmas and this is one of the greatest tracks of the episode.

Is it really geeky, though, you ask? Well, it’s about a couple of new superheros, so you tell me.

Now celebrate your geekdom and save your family’s ears from the torture of any more mind-numbing holiday tunes by teaching them these wickedly awesome songs! Your new-found holiday spirit will thank you for it. And if you get those harmonies right, drop us a line and send us a link to a video or mp3 of your family’s latest geeky holiday tradition.

Come on, I know one of you can do a passable Chewie impression!

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