7 Super Cool, Geeky Snack Recipes

Looking to geekify your culinary craftsmanship? Well here are seven sweet recipes your kids won’t be able to resist! Hey, you may even find yourself gravitating toward the snack bowl yourself. (Okay, there’s no “may” about it… you definitely will!) Getting your little geek to eat anything other than chicken nuggets or mac ‘n’ cheese […]

6 Geektastic New Year’s Resolutions for the Undecided

Do you know what your New Year’s resolutions are going to be? Well, if not: geeks unite! And take a gander at my list of the best self-promises for geeks in the new year! Now we’ve been talking about Christmas and Hanukkah for a while here on Geeks Raising Geeks. Everything from Star Wars decorations […]

Top 9 Geekiest Winter Holiday Songs for the Whole Family

Are your geeky kids tired of the same old ubiquitous Christmas and winter holiday tunes? Mine, too! So let’s start a new tradition by singing these awesome carols for geeks! Let’s be honest here: you and me, we were sick of Christmas carols and tinsel-tinged tunes even before Thanksgiving. Blasting through the speakers from our […]

9 Best Geeky Snowmen from Around the Web

We’re halfway through December now and a lot of families are finding their cars, lawns, sidewalks, and homes buried under mounds of snow in the morning. That can be a really frustrating sight, especially if you’ve got things to do. But, let me make a suggestion? Put those fancy “things” you “have” to do aside, […]

The Geeky Parent’s Guide to Black Friday 2013

As a Geeky parent raising a geeky kid, Black Friday brings all sorts of craziness. Here’s our geeky parent’s steals & deals guide to Black Friday in 2013. No matter how you feel about Black Friday, there’s no denying the insane number of sweet super-sales on toys for geeks of all ages. Let me guide […]

These Parents of the Year Teach Us a Lesson in Imagination

Every night through November, these Parents of the Year make their children’s dinosaurs come to life & wreck havoc through the house. In these days of iPads, iPhones, and iWhatevers, the imagination of our children is too often relegated to mini silver screens. While we can do our best to read bedtime stories to them, […]

The Geeky Parent’s Guide to Raising a Football Fan

Are you a geeky parent who’s discovered your little one is a big football fan? Do you know what to do? If not, let me give you a few helping hints! Okay, I know, it is a stereotype that geeky folks don’t like sports. And stereotypes can be (and generally are) detrimental to the social, […]

The Best 6 Halloween Science Experiments for the Whole Geeky Family

Halloween is a time for dressing up in scary costumes and eating awesomely bad foods, but it’s also an opportunity to do some learning! A little while back we presented 6 science experiments you could easily do with your little geeks to have fun while teaching them a thing or two about how this world […]

The Importance of Bedtime Stories

There is one thing I know for sure: books rock. I don’t care how cool the latest Kindle Fire or iPod happens to be; nothing can replace the look, feel, smell and experience of books. As our children’s lives become more twitterized, you-tubed, minecrafted and social networked, many turn their noses up at the thought […]

Best 6 Science Experiments in Under an Hour

Some of the coolest guys and gals of fiction are scientists, so it’s no surprise at all if your kid shows some interest in experimentation and scientific innovation at a young age. I mean, come on: Bruce Banner. Spock. Mr. Wizard. Doc Brown. Bill Nye. These guys rocked my world in the formative years, and […]