Jam Out with these Epic Star Wars Guitars!

Star Wars Electric Guitars The music we listen to today may be a little different than what Luke Skywalker and Co. listened to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but that doesn’t mean that Star Wars shouldn’t be a part of contemporary music. Well, now you can┬áreally combine Star Wars and […]

Make Getting Out of Bed Easier with the Target Practice Alarm Clock

Target Practice Alarm Clock Are you and your family members having trouble getting out of bed? Are your kids late for school because they press snooze two or three times on their alarm clocks in the morning? Especially when your kids are teenagers, getting them out of the comfort of bed to head to school […]

Teach Your Kids How to Break Codes with the Jefferson Wheel Secret Cipher

Jefferson Wheel Secret Cipher The best kind of toys for your kids are those that are fun and educational. If you can give your kids toys that help them improve critical thinking skills and the like while they’re entertaining themselves, you know you have found some great products. One such product that your kids will […]

Teach Your Kid Valuable Skills in a Fun Way with the Car Lover’s Engine Repair Set

The best children’s toys are those that are both fun and educational. Young kids are information sponges as they pick up on all the details and intricacies of the world around them, so if you can pique their interest in something they find enjoyable, they will also retain whatever educational information comes with the activity. […]

The Post Modern Skateboard Redefines Skateboarding

Do you remember a few weeks ago when we discussed RocketSkates, the latest and greatest innovation in the world of wheeling around? Well, we still love them, but the Kickstarter darlings might have a new, equally cool competitor in the brand new Post Modern Skateboard from Hammacher Schlemmer. Seriously, just check this awesome piece of […]

How to Watch Cartoons Without Cable

No cable? No problem! Here are the best ways to watch cartoons without cable so you & your little geeks can enjoy Saturday morning cartoons together (or Monday, or Tuesday or… well, any day of the week!). Status: you and your little geeks want to watch cartoons. Problem: you don’t have cable. Question: what do […]

This Geek is Nuts: Let Steve Casino Inspire Your Artistic Geeky Family!

Artist Steve Casino has gone nutty. He’s taken peanut shells and colors (and small wood carvings for some appendages and hair) and created some of the most fantastically, wonderfully, magnificently geeky 3D paintings in the history of the galaxy. Or maybe they’re sculptures. Or sculptured paintings. Or… Okay, you know what? I doesn’t matter what […]

The Geeky Parents’ Guide to Raising a Superhero

Want your little geek to grow up to be a superhero? Of course you do! So here are a few tips and hints for making that dream come true! For as long as I can remember (and this includes during coffee this morning), I’ve always wanted to be a superhero. I didn’t necessarily need the […]

5 Awesome Nighttime Activities for Geeky Families

Scrambling for things to do at home during the wintertime, when the sun sets so dang early? Well, here’s a list of my top 5 nighttime activities for every geek in the family to enjoy! The days are only now starting to get longer, and hanging out with the family after work when it’s dark […]

Best 7 Books to Teach Computer Programming to Kids

If your little geek want to join the exciting (and highly employable) ranks of computer programmers someday, check out these 7 books that will help them get started! As geeks, you and I know how important reading is. Spending some quality time with the written word is obviously beneficial for a variety of reasons. But […]