The Geek Nerd Clock: Tell Time with Geek Knowledge!


The Geek Nerd Clock

Time. It’s something that’s all around us, dictating the course of our lives at every step. While your children may fully not appreciate the concept of time at a young age, they will certainly learn how to tell time in short order.

But who wants to have their kids learn time and numbers on a boring old fashioned clock? Nobody, that’s who. If you want your geeky children to learn these concepts the right way, then the Geek Nerd Clock (created by LetterThings on Etsy) is the perfect item for you!

You can test your kids’ and your guests’ geek knowledge with this clock by seeing if they can decipher the geeky references it gives for each number. Granted, for adults familiar with the concept of clocks, this will be easier than it will be for the little ones, but kids and adults alike will have fun geeking out with this timepiece.


With the help of the Geek Nerd Clock, you can teach your kids all of the important geeky references that they will come to know and love. The clock features twelve references from twelve different important films and TV shows of geek lore, each corresponding to a number on the clock.

If you can’t figure out these geeky references on your own (although if you love Geeks Raising Geeks we bet you can), here’s your cheat sheet:

= Commander Riker, on Star Trek, The Next Generation. Captain Picard frequently called him #1.
= The number of droids the Stormtroopers were looking for in Star Wars (C3PO and R2D2)
= How many wizards are traditionally in the TriWizard Tournament in Harry Potter
= The number of kings and queens in Narnia
= While this was the 2nd movie released, it’s actually the 5th in the Star Wars saga
= The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy solution to the question, What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything? 42 (6 x 7 = 42)
= The number of Horcruxes Harry Potter needed to find in order to defeat Voldemort
= Exterminate(8) is the favorite word of the Daleks in Dr. Who
= How many rings were given to Men in Lord of the Rings
10 = Ten Forward is the lounge on the Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation
11 = No decent hobbit would miss elevensies, right after second breakfast
12 = The number of Doctors in Doctor Who

Knowing these twelve references will not only make your kids even more epically geeky, but it will help them learn time and numbers as well. If you don’t love any of the references and think something else may be more fitting, worry not – you can customize this clock, too!

If you want the ultimate badge of geeky honor hanging in your house, check out the Geek Nerd Clock today!

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