Make Your Kid the Envy of the Cafeteria with this R2-D2 Lunch Bag!

Kids these days can be incredibly judgmental. Modern day schoolchildren judge their peers on everything from their hair and glasses to their clothes and yes, even their lunch boxes and bags. So why not let your kid be the coolest geek in the elementary school cafeteria by hooking them up with this awesome R2-D2 lunch […]

Give Your Kids the Power of Privacy with the Cryptex USB Flash Drive

When you were a kid, was there anything more fun to pretend to be than a world-class spy? Especially if you are male, this was probably one of the most exciting role-playing scenarios you had in your youth. In today’s world, your information is more easily accessible and sensitive than ever. So why not teach […]

Never Lose a Ball Again with Virtual Ping Pong

Ping pong is a great game for kids; it’s a great way to improve hand-eye coordination, and it’s certainly a more productive, active way to play than sitting in front of a PlayStation or Xbox for hours on end. However, as most parents will find out at some point, games like ping pong can result […]

Bring Star Wars into Your Home with this Voice-Controlled R2-D2 Droid!

If you’re doing your best to raise your geeky children the right way, odds are that you’ve gotten them invested in Star Wars from a young age. After all, Star Wars is one of the most iconic geeky movie franchises of all time, and it is perfectly suitable for your young’ns. If you have kids […]

Draw in 3D with the Insanely Cool 3Doodler 2.0 Pen

While we recently discussed the Instant Transmitting Paper-to-iPad Pen as the coolest¬†technological innovation when it comes to drawing, it appears that we were wrong. The 3Doodler 2.0 Pen is an incredible technological achievement, and will provide endless hours of entertainment for your whole family. If you or your children are artistic, there is probably nothing […]

Keep Your Kids Safe and Dry with an Indoor Snowball Fight

Snowball fights are a ton of fun for most children. But too frequently, childish wintertime fun can turn ugly, as airborne snowballs can lead to surprisingly serious injuries. All it takes is one snowball to the eye to make a harmless childhood game turn into a visit to the emergency room. But fear not, geeky, […]

Let Your Geek Girl Express Her Thoughts Securely with the Voice Recognition Password Journal

Many young girls like to keep a journal, and this is a practice which all parents should encourage. Teaching your little girl to express herself is a great thing, and she will simultaneously improve valuable writing skills in the process. And while the girls down the block will keep their secrets in old-fashioned composition notebooks, […]

The Instant Transmitting Paper-to-iPad Pen is a Game Changer

Hammacher Schlemmer has revolutionized the world of writing, drawing, taking notes, and much more with their incredible new product that allows you to transmit whatever you put on a piece of paper to your iPad via bluetooth. This new gadget is one of the coolest innovations we’ve seen in awhile, and will make your kids […]

Nanoblock Motion Choro-Q: A Different Breed of Remote-Controlled Car

You probably had a remote-controlled car or two as a child. Every kid loves to drive around a toy vehicle, ramming it into furniture, artwork, and the legs of adults. But the remote-controlled cars you had as a kid could certainly not be controlled by your cell phone – mostly because you didn’t have one, […]

Rejoice: RocketSkates are Here!

A concept once left to the wild imagination¬†of children’s cartoons and science fiction flicks is now a complete reality. Meet RocketSkates, the new, Kickstarted-funded innovation from California company Acton, Inc. Acton began the process towards making these wacky, wearable wheels a reality by setting a goal of $50,000 on the popular crowdfunding site, and easily […]