Sleep Like a Jedi in the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag!

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag You all know the scene – an ailing, freezing Luke Skywalker is placed into the belly of a deceased Tauntaun by Han Solo to save the young Jedi from certain death in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Han’s quick thinking to place our hero into the literal belly of a beast to enhance […]

Make Your Kid’s Dreams Come True with the Super Mario Ride-On Kart!

Super Mario Ride-On Kart There’s no doubt your kids have grown up with Mario. Mario games are some of the finest games ever created, and from Super Mario, to Mario Kart, to Smash Bros, the Italian plumber and his buddies have entertained us for generations. And while playing video games can be a whole lot of […]

Add Some Mystery to Your Home with a Hidden Door Hinge System

Hidden Door Hinge System If you want to really make your house stand out in an epic, geeky way, there are few modifications you could make that are more awesome than a secret bookcase door. This unique feat of architecture has long been a favorite of secret societies and clandestine cults, their mysterious meeting places […]

Sudoku Toilet Paper – The Bathroom will Never be the Same

Sudoku Toilet Paper As we mentioned when discussing the Potty Piano the other day, people love to spend leisure time in the bathroom. Using the restroom is an experience to be cherished; contrary to popular belief, it is not a time to perform your bodily functions and hastily go back to your day. No, the […]

Wear an Instrument with the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt!

Is your kid a budding guitarist? Teaching your children to play instruments is a great idea, as kids are much more likely to learn the necessary skills at a young age. However, there’s only so much time in the day to practice an instrument, and when your kids are constantly running between school and after-school […]

The Potty Piano will Liven up Your Bathroom

We all like to kill some time and relax while we’re sitting on the porcelain throne. Whether you fancy reading a book, doing sudoku puzzles, or even responding to text messages and emails, many of us like to kick back and take our sweet time while we’re on the toilet. However, what most of us […]

Make Biking Extra Fun with the Fuze Wheel Writer!

Bicycling is probably already one of your kids favorite activities, if they are around the precocious elementary-to-middle-school age. There are few things more freeing as a youngster than wheelin’ around the neighborhood and having the wind blow through your hair. If you ever were a bike-loving kid, you probably remember the desire to show off […]

Have a Blast this Summer with the Long Range Laser Blaster Set

We are big fans of laser tag, and yes, we’ve already written about some awesome laser tag products for your kids. However, we just can’t get enough laser tag, and when an awesome new laser tag set comes out, well, we HAVE TO tell you about it. There aren’t many more awesome, geeky activities guaranteed to […]

Upgrade Your Kid’s Toys with the RC Hovering Jump Jet

There are few likes kids love more than cool vehicles. Kids always have and always will love things that move around and make a lot of noise – and helicopters and airplanes are two things that are very good at performing those actions. But how cool would a kid’s today be if it were to […]

Teach Your Kid Valuable Skills in a Fun Way with the Car Lover’s Engine Repair Set

The best children’s toys are those that are both fun and educational. Young kids are information sponges as they pick up on all the details and intricacies of the world around them, so if you can pique their interest in something they find enjoyable, they will also retain whatever educational information comes with the activity. […]