Best 6 Educational iPhone Apps

Discover the best educational iPhone apps to help your elementary aged kids learn! Reading, writing, math, science, & dinosaurs galore! Remember when we were in school and the only real tools we had for studying were paper, pencils, protractors, and clunky calculators? Or, even worse, we had to trust our parents to know the answers? […]

Minecraft: The Sandbox Game for Parents and Children Alike

Minecraft is one of the best video games to play as a family. Learn the benefits of playing Minecraft with your children & what it can teach your kids. After surfing the internet for long enough, it’s difficult for the geeky adult (Geekus Oldus) to not see a screenshot or two of the game Minecraft. […]

6 Lessons On How to Be a Gentleman From Super Mario Brothers

Want your kid to learn how to be a gentleman? To grow up brave, chivalrous & romantic? Then introduce him to Super Mario! Super Mario is a wonderful role model to kids of all ages. But for the child who wishes to grow up to be a true gentleman, Super Mario is perhaps the best […]

Why You Should Play the Super Mario Memory Game With Your Kid

Excelling in STEM subjects is crucial to any Geek’s development. And as a parent, there are loads of fun activities we can do together with our little Geeks to help instill confidence and excitement in STEM fields. Whether it’s GoldiBlox for your little girl or programming a BioLoid robot with your little boy, the options […]

Top 11 l337 Video Game Baby Onesies

There’s no better time to train the next generation of leet gamers than right out of the womb. Level your baby up with these video game baby onesies! The best way to ensure prompt acceptance into the Kingdom of Geeks is dressing your baby in a video game onesie, snapping as many photos as possible, […]