Universal Studios to Open a Nintendo Theme Park

Universal Announces Plans for Nintendo Theme Park Universal Studios Theme Parks are a clear second place to Disney parks when it comes to popularity and notability; however, the power balance might be shifting a little bit in the coming years, thanks to Universal’s announcement that they plan to create several theme parks based on classic Nintendo […]

Make Your Kid’s Dreams Come True with the Super Mario Ride-On Kart!

Super Mario Ride-On Kart There’s no doubt your kids have grown up with Mario. Mario games are some of the finest games ever created, and from Super Mario, to Mario Kart, to Smash Bros, the Italian plumber and his buddies have entertained us for generations. And while playing video games can be a whole lot of […]

Protect Your Gamer Kid’s Eyes with the Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses

If you’re raising geeky gamer kids, you already know how much time they tend to spend in front of a computer screen. As a geek yourself, odds are that you don’t necessarily see anything wrong with this, but as a parent, you should know a few of the negative effects that binge gaming can have […]

Buying the Best Next-Gen Gaming Console for Your Little Geeks

We geeks do love gaming, don’t we? Whether it’s playing virtual soccer, football or baseball, or getting slicey-dicey with goblins, goliaths, and Ganons, video games are a huge part of geek culture. And with such awesome next-generation consoles available, I whole-heartedly understand your desire to get something new and exciting for your little geeks to […]

New Street Fighter Chess Set: Sonic Booming with Your Wits

Hadouken! With the uber-fantastic Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set, you can cherish the memories of your favorite video game characters, while introducing your little geeks to the world’s oldest, most intelligent board game. Introducing the Beautiful, 25th Anniversary Street Fighter Chess Set The chess set is absolutely gorgeous. Even if it didn’t feature characters […]

Top 6 Old-School Board Games Your Little Geeks Will Love

If you want a good old-fashioned geeky-family-bonding experience, look no further than the top shelf of your closet, where you keep your old-school board games. Not only are these super fun in a nostalgic way, but they’re also truly great games that have a few life lessons in store for your kiddos. Yes, I know […]

RC Pac-Man Chasers Will Provide Geeky Kids With 30 Minutes of Fun!

Scenario 1: Two little geeks, chasing each other through the house, causing a wild rumpus and wrecking havoc throughout. Scenario 2: Two little geeks, sitting on the floor, engaged in an epic chasing match of Pac-Man vs Blinky… Except this chase isn’t on the silver screen. Oh, no. It’s instead on your floor. That’s right. […]

Classic Video Game Controller Ornament Set: A Geeky Parent’s Christmas

OMGZ. Holidays. Joy. Christmas. Chanukah. Help. Presents. Family. Help. That chain reaction of thoughts is what blasts through my mind about once an hour. Sometimes the order is right-on, sometimes it gets mixed up. But no matter what, ‘help’ is in there twice. And if you need some stress relief, or simply want to decorate the […]

The Geeky Parent’s Guide to Raising a Football Fan

Are you a geeky parent who’s discovered your little one is a big football fan? Do you know what to do? If not, let me give you a few helping hints! Okay, I know, it is a stereotype that geeky folks don’t like sports. And stereotypes can be (and generally are) detrimental to the social, […]

Nintendo 2DS Survival Guide (For Parents)

Has your child been hounding you for the most recent handheld upgrade: the Nintendo 3DS? Nintendo is soon to release a cheaper alternative to this astounding handheld: the Nintendo 2DS. Though, is the handheld even worth the price? In this article, we discuss the relative pros and cons of this new addition to the DS […]