Make Game of Thrones More Kid-Friendly with these Adorable Direwolf Puppies!


Game of Thrones, despite being an amazing show, isn’t exactly the most kid-friendly television around today. I’m not telling you how to raise you’re children, but I imagine most parents agree that a lot of the content in HBO’s critically acclaimed, fantasy masterpiece isn’t exactly suitable for impressionable young viewers.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your kids into Game of Thrones fandom at a young age. There are a lot of ways to get your kiddos involved with the show, which they will certainly learn to love when they are old enough to appreciate it. And what better way to expose your young’ns to Game of Thrones than by getting them some adorable Direwolf puppies to cuddle with?

Plush Direwolf Puppies

There is one fact of life that is very unfortunate for all Game of Thrones fans – you can’t have a Direwolf of your own. For some annoying reason, scientists still haven’t figured out how to breed Direwolves outside of Westeros, and that is tragic.

I guess the next best thing is to get some of these incredibly cute little replicas of Nymeria, Ghost, Grey Wind, Summer, Lady, and Shaggydog to add to your happy family?


To be honest, these Direwolf plushes have several advantages over real Direwolves, even if they probably won’t protect you and be as fiercely loyal as the species that the Starks have in Westeros.

For example, these Direwolves are guaranteed to not grow to the size of a horse, and we doubt you’ll ever have to watch them tear another human being to shreds. I am pretty sure that if either of those things happened, you’d be able to get a full refund on your purchase.

What these Direwolves will do though is put a smile on your child’s face, and probably your own, too. These cute little replicas of some of Game of Thrones’ most popular characters will give your kids an adorable taste of a show that is…well…very far from adorable most of the time.

Someday, your children will love the brilliance that is Game of Thrones. But for now, you should add some Direwolves to your family to plant the seeds early!

These plush Direwolf puppies are available on ThinkGeek for just $19.99 a piece! Get yours today and make winter come just a little bit faster.

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