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Bicycling is probably already one of your kids favorite activities, if they are around the precocious elementary-to-middle-school age. There are few things more freeing as a youngster than wheelin’ around the neighborhood and having the wind blow through your hair.

If you ever were a bike-loving kid, you probably remember the desire to show off your style and swag with your bike. Whether you use BMX trick pegs, streamers, horns, or anything else, tricking out your bike is a source of pride for kids, and always has been. So, help your kid stand out in the 21st century by allowing him to trick out his bike with the awesome new Fuze Wheel Writer!

Fuze Wheel Writer

The Fuze Wheel Writer is a sweet new product that will make your kid’s bike stand out from the rest of his peers. This LED-light system clamps onto the spokes of a bike’s rear wheel, provided that the wheel is at least 20″ in diameter.

The Wheel Writer comes pre-loaded with 64 designs that your kid can pick to flash as he pedals, such as: a skull and crossbones, flames, and even an accurate odometer which displays exactly how fast your child is going to all the envious neighborhood kids.

If the 64 pre-made designs aren’t enough fun, don’t worry – the Fuze Wheel Writer allows for plenty of customization as well. By pairing the Wheel Writer with an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, your kid can draw up custom designs for the wheel writer to display as well – there are no limits to what you can make the lights display!

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 2.35.44 PM

It is worth noting that unless you’re riding at least 10 miles per hour, the Wheel Writer’s images won’t look very good, so this is a product for kids that are past the training wheels and beginner stages of bicycling. Also, the Fuze is only designed for rear wheels, so don’t try to buy a pair to equip both the front and back tires.

In addition to all of the cool light features, the Fuze Wheel Writer is water-resistant, so puddles and foul weather will have no ill effects on this awesome product. The device attaches to the rear tire through a magnet and bracket system that should keep it in place for many bike rides to come.

For just under $20 (You’ll also need 3 AAA batteries, which are not included) the Fuze Wheel Writer is affordable and a ton of fun. With this light system, your kid will be the envy of the neighborhood and have more fun than ever on the bike.

To learn more about the Fuze Wheel Writer, check it out here!

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