Amaze Your Kids with the Foodini 3D Food Printer


3D Printing is definitely one of the most exciting innovations in the last few years, and the presence of 3D printing technology in many different sectors is growing rapidly.

While you’ve probably already heard of using 3D printing for certain production items and whatnot, chances are you’ve never thought about using a 3D printer to make dinner for your family.

Well, thanks to Barcelona-based startup Natural Machines, this concept is becoming a reality in the very near future.

Foodini 3D Food Printer

That’s right. The capability for 3D printers to make you food from scratch is here, and it’s an incredibly exciting development.

Just as regular 3D printers need to melt plastics and metals before reshaping them to fit the pieces in a printed object, the Foodini melts down myriad ingredients that you put into it (in small metal capsules), and then prints out edible objects in whatever designs you’d like.

You can make your own complex dishes that usually require extensive preparation, like ravioli from scratch or DIY gold fish crackers, in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is put the ingredients in, design the shape of your culinary creation on a computer, and press print.

The only drawback, for now, is that the Foodini doesn’t actually cook your food – you still need to do that part as you usually would. But the Foodini will help you create complex delicacies that look restaurant-quality, in a way that you have never been able to do before.

This incredible piece of technology, which Natural Machines expects to retail for north of $1,000, is nearly at the point of widespread production. The company expects the first round of machines to be mostly sold to professional chefs and other people working in professional kitchens, with a more family-friendly version that also cooks its creations to follow later.

Even more impressively, the Foodini can be controlled by a smartphone in addition to a computer, and the device is wi-fi and cloud enabled, which allows Foodini users everywhere to store and share their own recipes with the rest of the 3D foodie community.

While the Foodini is very much still in its early stages, it probably won’t be long before you see these incredible appliances in the kitchens of many fine restaurants.

And from there, it may not be long before you’re using a Foodini to craft your family a fresh, custom dinner every evening.

The first Foodini models are expected to launch in the second half of 2015. Stay tuned! The future looks very exciting.

Check out the Foodini in action in the video below, and learn more here.

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