13 Geektastic Halloween Costume Ideas for Families with Young’ns

Up 2Need help planning your family’s Halloween costumes? Look no further! Here are 13 funtastically geeky Halloween costume ideas for the entire family.

We’re all about Halloween here on Geeks Raising Geeks right now and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s my favorite time of year–as those of you who’ve read some of my other articles, seen my bookcases (yes, that’s multiple) of scary fiction, or know my favorite movies or TV shows (here’s a hint: 13 Classic Halloween Episodes to Scare (and Tickle) the GeekyFamily…) will undoubtedly already guess–I love every opportunity to exploit the holiday for all it’s gory glory and fantastic phantasma!

So, let’s keep the (not-so-bloody) ball rolling and take a look at 13 of the most wonderfully geeky Halloween costume ideas for the whole family. Yes, that means babies, too!

The Geekiest Family Halloween Costumes Ever Made

13. The Avengers

AvengersHaving lots of kids can be limiting when choosing your Halloween family costume…unless you decide to go as The Avengers!

Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Thor, and the cutest darn Hulk you’ve ever seen are characters just BEGGING to be adapted for your Trick ‘r Treat Time.

Wanna Dress Your Family Up as Superheros This Halloween?

(via reddit)

12. Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon DynamiteIf you’re having trouble thinking of a family-wide costume theme, why not just choose Napoleon Dynamite’s crazy cast of characters?! Gooooosh.

The only two things missing from this freaking sweet family portrait are Tina the Llama and a real-life Liger. So, if you got a couple of pets in the mix, you’re golden. Luckyyyyyy.

(via JaMonkey)

(Pssst, if you do have family dogs/cats/ferrets/bears but aren’t overly excited by the Napoleon Dynamite theme–if it’s even possible to resist–check out these Top 8 Costumes for Geeky Pets!)

11. Dr. Evil & Mini Me

DrEvilMiniMeSure there hasn’t been a new Austin Powers movie in more than 10 years (which, in all honesty, is probably a very good thing…), designating it as bit of an old-school choice, but that doesn’t make this father-kid get-up any less groovy.

Not to mention unabashedly adorable. Just grab a couple bandanas, your old prison jumpsuit, and voila! You guys are turning your backs on the Hard Knock Life and filling your pockets with baby Snickers and candy corn!

Looking for other baby costumes?

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10. Wizard of Oz

Wizard of OzThis idea comes courtesy of what has to be the world’s coolest family. How can it not be with Neil Patrick Harris in one of the leading roles?

He, partner David Burtka, and little twins Gideon and Harper show you how the Wizard of Oz Halloween Family is SUPPOSED to look like. Of course, NPH probably makes a little bit more money than you and me (and everyone else who read this article, times two, plus infinity) combined, so the costumes are well BEYOND spiffy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t steal some design pointers here and take on a little (okay, big) DIY project yourself.

There’s no place like home for a wicked costume construction marathon!

(via Twitter, @ActuallyNPH)

Wanna Dress Your Family Up In Wizard of Oz Costumes This Halloween?

9. Ghostbusters

GhostbustersThey’ve been talking about making a third installment in the Ghostbusters franchise for years (and years and YEARS) now, but you don’t have to wait any longer to flip on your proton packs and fire away. (Just, for the love of all that’s holy, don’t cross streams!)

There are tons of awesome Ghostbuster-themed family costume ideas out there right now, but the phenomenally cute little Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man in this one gets me every time.

Looking for a Costume for your Baby?

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8. Adventure Time

Adventure TimeStraight from the Land of Ooo comes this holy-freaking-hell-it’s-so-so-very-cool costume idea based on the characters from Adventure Time.

The best thing about going this truly magical route is that there are so many characters to choose from. In this pic, you see Finn, Jake, Peppermint Butler, Gunter, Ice King (dad) and Marceline the Vampire Queen (mom). And they are undoubtedly AWESOME. But you can always reach out to other inhabitants of this cartoon wonderland.

How about Flame Princess, Cinnamon Bun, BMO or the potentially amazing Lumpy Space Princess? The sky’s the limit–and when you’re riding the back of a flying dog, the sky might not even be the end of your possibilities!

(via reddit)

7. Beetlejuice

BeetlejuiceNever miss a chance to introduce your kids to the movies YOU loved when growing up, especially when that chance involves dressing up like the cast of Beetlejuice.

Here we have the main fright himself, Beetlejuice, the cool-way-before-her-time goth daughter Lydia, and the two parents she never had…because they’re dead: Adam and Barbara.

This is a movie with Halloween written all over it (probably mostly because it came from the mind of that King of Creepy Kids’ Cinema, Tim Burton), just don’t you dare say the name three times, or else BeetlejARRRghhhh! … Ah, cripes, that was a close one.

Crave Beetlejuice Halloween Costumes? GET THEM!

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6. Doctor Octopus & Spider-Man(girl)

Doc OckAnother celebrity entry in this list displays the legendary and oft-bloody rivalry between that dastardly villain with the tentacly silhouette and his arch-nemesis: Patton Oswalt and daughter.

Or, uh, Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man. Yeeeeah, that’s the ticket. Honestly, though, all joking aside, that is a wicked cool Doc Ock costume and a really, truly, wonderfully adorable Spider-Girl.

So, for those playing at home, the score stands thusly: Celebrities: 2, Me: Poor.

Crave a Spider-Girl Costume for your Daughter? GET IT!

(via Twitter, @pattonoswalt)

5. Dr. Who

DrWhoHere we have an absolute must for all Whovian families out there (and, come on, I know there are a LOT of you!): The Doctor, the T.A.R.D.I.S., and… Wait, what the heck is that? No… That couldn’t possibly be a Dalek! It’s Just. So. Darn. Cute.

Well, I have certainly never been so smitten with a destructive robot hell-bent on universal domination. … Ohhhh, THAT’S why the dang thing is so happy–someone gave it the Sonic Screwdriver! NOOOOO!!

Get Momma Dressed in this Super Cute Tardis Costume

(via io9)

4. Power Loader from Aliens

Power LoaderThis is a modern classic that’s been making the digital rounds for the last year, but how could I NOT include it in this list?

Jason Smith created this Power Loader, inspired by the movie Aliens, in October of 2012, using his baby as a stand-in for Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley. And it is AMAZING.

(via Huffington Post)

And here’s a video of the Power Loader in (groovy) motion:

3. Where the Wild Things Are

WildThingsThe last three geektastic costume ideas on this list might as well all be tied for first place, because I love them all so terribly much.

This one is a candid pic of a costumed family taken on a Boston subway car. They are dressed as the characters from Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are” and they more than make my day.

They make my life.

Get Your Geek Dressed Up in Max’s Wolf Costume

(via tumblr)

2. Labyrinth

LabyrinthAnother super popular costume pic that’s been making waves in the internet ocean over the last couple of weeks is this family who dressed up as the characters from the classic film Labyrinth. Too many people have taken credit for this one at this point, but I think I’ve sourced it to reddit user Deconstructress.

If this is true, she deserves not just one medal, but all medals. If this is false, she deserves no medals and someone needs to correct me. I mean look at that! There’s Ludo! And Sir Didymus! And no codpiece!

It’s just a massive, massive delight. A delight that reminds me of the babe…

(via reddit)

1. Up

UpOkay, this one breaks the rules a bit, but I DON’T EVEN CARE. Just look at how unbearably awesome and ridiculously cute this little Carl is.

The rules are broken because there’s only a costume for the little one in this listing. But, do you really need to dress up AT ALL if you can get your kid looking like this? Seriously, you could go as a Bloody Bullwinkle and Zombie Smurfette and NO ONE would even SEE you.

All eyes on your little old man. And all those eyes will be filled with adoring tears.

And you will win. You will win Halloween. Period.

(via Auburn Soul)


Thirteen may be our lucky number this October, but I just can’t stop myself there. Not with so many fantastic costume ideas to choose from! So here are a couple of bonus listings:

*For the Single Dad: Wolfpack of One

HangoverIf you’re a dad heading out to score some candy with your baby on your own… If you don’t have any idea what to dress up as and you don’t have time to pick up a costume… If you have a front-loading baby backpack…

If you have a beard, a t-shirt, two pairs of aviators, and an ace bandage… If you don’t mind hearing snickers from teens and seeing headshakes from the elderly… Then you’re all set.

A Hangover Halloween it is! (via Flickr)

*For the Admittedly Cute, Though Somewhat Disturbing Family: Lobster Dinner

LobsterI really like the effort put into this one. I also really like how every member of the family fits into the theme in their own unique way. I also think the lobster outfit is just plain adorable.

And yet… there’s something creepy about being so happy that you’re baby is boiling in a pot. And that you, as parents, are responsible for ripping him from his sea-bed and cooking him alive. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me… But super adorable! (via JaMonkey)

There you have it! Thirteen (wellllll, fifteen…) ridiculously wonderful Halloween costume ideas for the whole geeky family. Now you have no excuse for not dressing up because you “don’t know what to go as”!

Just do me a favor: take a pic of your clan when you’re all made up and send it to Geeks Raising Geeks so we can see what brand of awesome you bought into!

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for the credit on my Labyrinth costumes! That really is my family. Have others really been taking credit for this? Well, kudos for proper credit. 🙂 We are also the Beetlejuice family in your list! Hehe. You can tell by the porch and flowers.

    • Perry Rosenbloom says

      Hi Steph,

      Awesome, awesome, awesome costumes! So glad we got the source right 🙂 We’ve seen it in a handful of places, but our investigative Geeks narrowed it down to you 🙂

      And holy cow!!! I can’t believe you are the same family!! I feel like you deserve a geeky family of the year award!

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