Wear an Instrument with the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt!

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Is your kid a budding guitarist? Teaching your children to play instruments is a great idea, as kids are much more likely to learn the necessary skills at a young age. However, there’s only so much time in the day to practice an instrument, and when your kids are constantly running between school and after-school sports and activities, sometimes music practice goes by the wayside.

But fear not – the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt is here to help your kid hone his guitar playing skills anywhere, at any time!

The Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

This awesome product from our friends at ThinkGeek is unlike anything we have ever seen before. The Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt looks like a simple tee shirt with a guitar graphic on it to the unsuspecting observer, but it is so much more.

This shirt is actually a real, playable musical instrument. This is not some kids’ toy that just plays prerecorded songs with the push of a button; no, the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt allows you to play whatever chords you choose, and strum at any speed you like, to create your own composition or cover one of your favorite bands. With your shirt. Yes.

Check out the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt in action in the video below. Prepare to be amazed:

This shirt comes with a guitar neck that includes all of the major chords, and even comes with a pick for you to strum your belly while you shred away.

So how does the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt make music? It’s simple! The shirt attaches via a cord to a small, functional amp, that you can attach to your belt or keep in your pocket (should you want to surprise people even more).

Your kid will be the hit of the classroom with his music-making apparel, and he might just become a rock virtuoso in the process!

This awesome shirt is available for just $29.99, including the amp, on ThinkGeek. So click here and go get your own today!

Rock on.

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