Wage Geek Warfare with the Electronic FPS Laser Battle Jacket

FPS 2Stumped about what to do with your little geek this weekend? How about declaring futuristic war over the fate of the galactic multi-verse using only laser guns in a science fiction deathmatch?

Yep, sound good to me, too.

With a couple Electronic FPS Laser Battle Jackets from Think Geek, you can your young geek can do just that, using your living room, bedrooms, garage and backyard as wicked-fun battlefields.

Features of the Electronic FPS Laser Battle Jackets

FPS 4This technology has been around for a looong time. I remember some of the best birthday parties I ever went to when I was little were held at laser tag arenas. I always wanted my own laser kit, complete with vest and shooters, but like in so many other ways, my younger self didn’t always get his way.

But now, if you’re like me, we can all get our way, because the Electronic FPS Laser Battle Jacket is everything we ever wanted and just $29.99 to boot (when on sale, which when writing this, it is).

The only drawback is that this is a complete battle set for only one person because it just comes with a single jacket. But the thirty bucks do get you two blasters and two targets, so it is definitely possible for two people to play with one purchase, just not optimal.

But at $29.99 apiece, it’s not really a bank-breaker to pick up two sets.

So what exactly do you get here?

  • The Blasters (2) — These wrist-mounted weapons have 2 settings (high-powered Plasma Cannon and rapid-fire Ion Blaster), feature 6 different sounds, and operate on 3 AAA batteries each.
  • The Jacket (1) — It’s a wind-breaker with chest-flap snap closures, made of 100% polyester, featuring a hood and a design that holds up well in the rain.
  • The Targets (2) — These can be hit at a range of 60 feet (slightly less when outdoors), feature 2 separate sound effects, and run on 3 AAA batteries each

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on the equipment, it’s time for you and your geek to pick your battle!

Laser Jacket Battles: PvP, Frag Tag or Deathmatch!

FPS 3Of course, you can fight it out however you want, but Think Geek has been nice enough to give you three awesome options for laser dueling.


This one is just a straight-up fight between you and your little geek. Each of you has a target and each of you has a blaster. Whoever makes the most hits, wins the galactic battle!


This one is especially good if you only buy one FPS Laser Battle Jacket set. One of you gets the jacket and the targets, while the other gets the blasters. Set a time limit (say 5 minutes) and see if the hunter can take down the hunted before time runs out!


This is a muscled-up version of PvP, wherein you buy TWO jacket sets and each of you has a jacket, two targets and two blasters and you go head-to-head. The laser carnage is bound to be high with that much rapid-fire action going down!

FPS 1Right? RIGHT?? Sounds like my childhood dreams come true! Playing laser tag all Sunday afternoon in my own home and backyard. Count me in!

And of course, like I said, the above games are just suggestions. You can have tons of bonus fun with your little geek if you sit down beforehand, coming up with your very own battle plans and rules.

The Electronic FPS Laser Battle Jacket set has a regular price tag of $49.99, but as I mentioned above, you can get it at Think Geek right now for $29.99–40% of the original price.

I’m not going to tell you what you should do with your money, but I am going to say that there are a heck of a lot worse ways to spend $30.

Just sayin’!

Crave it? GET IT!

Did you play laser tag when you were a little gal or guy? Are those memories so fond that you’re tempted to pick this jacket up right now? In other words: please say I’m not the only geek drooling over this!

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