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MathBoard 2Discover the best educational iPhone apps to help your elementary aged kids learn! Reading, writing, math, science, & dinosaurs galore!

Remember when we were in school and the only real tools we had for studying were paper, pencils, protractors, and clunky calculators? Or, even worse, we had to trust our parents to know the answers? Well, times have changed. Kids have so much knowledge at their disposal and so many ways to go about getting it.

Your iPhone is one fantastic tool that could help your little elementary school student achieve great success. And I don’t just mean getting top scores in Candy Crush.

There’s an amazing array of apps out there designed specifically for young students to supplement their schoolwork, train their brains, and help them become more victorious in the classroom for years to come.

Yeah, I know! And all we had was Frogger!

Do what you can to stifle your jealousy and read on for a look at the top 6 apps for elementary kids. (And then you can go play Candy Crush and see about beating your kid’s high score.)

6. Video Science

Video ScienceThis is an amazing app not only for your little students but also for teachers. Video Science features a database of 80 separate movie clips that cover hands-on science experiments and lessons.

If your little guy or gal fancies themselves a scientist in the making, the experiments found in Video Science are easy to do and totally inexpensive. It’s a great supplement to science classes for students of all ages.

Video Science is hosted by Dan Menelly, a 2010 Einstein Fellow and teacher at the UN International School. This is a guy who knows his stuff and your kids are going to love him and what he has to offer!

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5. MathBoard

mathboard photoThe best thing about MathBoard is that it ages with your kids, giving them enough lessons to keep them learning throughout their whole elementary school career.

mathboardMathBoard begins with kindergarten lessons about simple addition and subtraction and goes all the way through advanced multiplication and division. And it’s a heck of a lot of fun to use.

The interface looks like a slate chalk board, which doesn’t sound very interesting, but it’s got a really cool look that features a number of different colored pieces of chalk. It’s easy to use so your kiddos won’t get frustrated and challenging enough to keep them coming back for more and more. If your little student has a knack for mathematics, then this is definitely the app for them.

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4. Super Speller

Super SpellerSuper Speller was developed by Quiet Spark to address the needs of the creator’s own kids’ educational process, providing them a fun opportunity to go over the vocabulary lists given to them by their own teachers.

Super Speller 2The basic idea is this: your little guy or gal brings home a word list, you input those words into the Super Speller app, your kid studies them, and then is given a fun test. They pass it home, they’re gonna pass it at school. It’s also just a great way to get your kids used to practice tests which are very helpful all the way through their higher education.

But the app is a little more comprehensive than all that. It also features cool word search puzzles created from your kid’s weekly spelling test, a dictionary to look up the words, and a bunch of different themes.

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3. Word Wizard

Word WizardThe New York Times calls it “the Speak ‘N Spell for the iPad generation,” but the truth is Word Wizard is so much more than that. This super fun app from developer L’Escapadou is a unique program that allows kids to learn to spell and read with a voice-activated alphabet.

Word Wizard 2Its text-to-speech interface is a sophisticated bit of programming that is really easy to use, too. It will spell-check and vocally pronounce a virtually unlimited number of words and full sentences.

It also has a fun database of over 1,400 words in a Q & A design, allowing your little students to broaden their vocabulary while having fun. Word Wizard is a really great tool, dressed up in a fun design.

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2. GeoDash: Wild Animal Adventure

GeoDashGeoDash is the brainchild of the wonderful folks at National Geographic. Never before has learning about animals and their habitat been so ridiculously fun.

GeoDash 2In the app, you help a little robot fella named Geo gather information about our world’s environment and all the wild animals that live in it. As you visit each place and creature, Geo gets to take on some of abilities of the animals. Jump like frogs, climb like monkeys, or run like gazelles!

The game/educational tool has a ton of cool features to keep kids entertained for hours. Things like: collecting illustrated cards, learning fun new jokes, and getting their hands on some really groovy animal trivia.

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1. Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History Collections

DinosaursWhat kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? I sure did (still do!) and would have loved to have had the chance to play with this super cool app, brought to you by the folks who know more about paleontology than just about anyone.

The app’s main feature is a mosaic image of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton created from over 1,000 individual pictures of dinos. The photos themselves are interactive portraits of dinosaur fossils that feature tons of information on where the fossil was found, which paleontologist discovered it, and lots of other fun facts.

You can also browse the Stories section to read more about the museum’s fossil collection, including its expansive and interesting history. Dinosaurs is a great app for any kid who wishes Jurassic Park was real. (You know, without all the security breaches and general carnivore mayhem…)

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Do you have any of these apps yourself? What do you think? What are some awesome Apple apps for young students that I didn’t list here?

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