A Fantasy-Themed, Augmented Reality Miniatures Board Game? YES, Please!

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What do you get when you cross Dungeons and Dragons, Settlers of Catan and a visionary board game creator? Darkling Plain, which stands to be the world’s first Augmented Reality miniatures board game.

What does that mean? Augmented Reality, or AR, is when you take a real-world environment and supplement/augment the reality using a device. In other words, you got a board and cards. Throw in an iPhone, and the board and cards come to life. Your reality is augmented.

Why Darkling Plain Stands to Change the Fantasy Board Game Genre

First off, outside of creating what stands to be something awesome, Darkling Plain and Stewart Wieck are not influencing this post whatsoever.

With that aside, Darkling Plain looks like it could be amazing.

Imagine a rainy, Sunday afternoon. Your kids just want to fiddle on their iPhones. But what fun is it with everyone locked away on their own technology?

The fact is, getting kids these days to appreciate 2 dimensional, dungeon exploring board games is near impossible. Settlers of Catan has done much for the board game genre, but there’s a lot left to be desired for us board game geeks.

And let’s face it: MMORPG dungeon exploration has replaced Hero Quest and Dungeons & Dragons for many geeks. MMORPGs are in, D&D is out, and Settlers of Catan only partially fills the void.

But what if you could combine the graphics of MMORPGs with the rainy day, feel good awesomeness of a board game?

Enter: Darkling Plain.

Will Darkling Plain’s Miniatures Ever Come Alive?

With your help, they can! They are in the midst of a Kickstarter launch, trying to raise $120,000 by Tuesday August 6th.

Is this for you? Well, did you ever spend hours decorating miniatures?

Now could you imagine with a few swipes on your iPad being able to fully customize a miniature to your heart’s content?

In this age of instant gratification, the pleasures of painstakingly painting miniatures have evolved from enjoyable to slightly too loner-ish. And I’ve yet to encounter a Parent/Child miniature painting combo. And I get the feeling we’ll never see that.

But take away the laborious process of painting miniatures and replace it with swipes and taps? There’s a recipe for success.

Will 3-D, Augmented Reality Battles Replace MMORPG?

Perhaps. Only time will tell for now.

With everything moving in the 3-D direction, I’d wager to say we’re going to see more Augmented Reality board games coming to life. And once 3-D computer monitors are commonplace, I’m sure fighting Orcs will become standard living room fare.

But even with that day looming in the far, far distant future, Augmented Reality stands to completely revolutionize the rainy day experience.

And while writing this, I’ve realized how much I miss Hero Quest, which now sells for over $400 on Amazon.com. That game freakin’ rocked.

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Imagine if Augmented Reality helped resurrect HeroQuest-esque adventures, making dungeon exploration board games exciting for our kids in this i-centric world? Man, I’m salivating over it already.

To learn more about Darkling Plain, you can follow these links:

What are your thoughts? Will Augmented Reality board games replace our current 2-D universe? Will it help non-MMORPG dungeon crawlers ever return to their glory?

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