Give Your Kids the Power of Privacy with the Cryptex USB Flash Drive

Cryptex USB flash drive

When you were a kid, was there anything more fun to pretend to be than a world-class spy? Especially if you are male, this was probably one of the most exciting role-playing scenarios you had in your youth.

In today’s world, your information is more easily accessible and sensitive than ever. So why not teach your kids to protect all of the Cryptex USB Flash Drive from Smart Decisions International?

Cryptex USB Flash Drive

Okay, so maybe your children don’t have incredibly important documents and files to protect. But that doesn’t mean they still won’t get a lot of imaginative enjoyment out of this flash drive, which requires that someone solve a combination lock of rotating rings in order to complete the 5-digit cipher required to un-sheath this spy-quality USB drive.

Say goodbye to kids trying to copy your son’s homework – they’ll never be able to get their hands on his essays any longer. The Cryptex’s cipher system is based upon the original sketches of Leonardo Da Vinci, and is the type of coded cipher written about in books like the Da Vinci Code as well.

If your kid likes to imagine himself as a spy, you can make him feel like a real life James Bond with this exciting and useful USB flash drive. Check out the Cryptex in action below:

As you can see, the Cryptex is unforgiving to would-be snoops, as the flash drive only slides out of its locked case if the code is correctly solved. This will provide plenty of intrigue and fun for your kid in addition to having the capacity to function as a normal flash drive, which is, of course, something your child will need for school at some point.

Even if your kid doesn’t have secret or sensitive documents that need protecting, getting one of these babies for mom and dad isn’t a bad idea either. If you need to transfer banking information, legal documents, or other files that you wouldn’t want anyone getting their hands on, the Cryptex can provide an added level of security.

Whether you’re interested in the Cryptex USB Flash Drive for your spy-in-training, or for yourself, it is a super cool product that any geek is sure to love!

You can head over to Amazon to learn more about the Cryptex USB Flash Drive!

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