ChooseCo Choose ‘Toons Kickstarter Campaign Abruptly Ends

choose your own adventure on ipadChooseCo, the company behind Choose Your Own Adventure books, has abruptly ended their Kickstarter campaign. Our exclusive scoop tells you why…

Last month we shared with you how ChooseCo, the company behind ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ novels, had launched a Kickstarter campaign to get enough crowdfunding so they could bring CYOA novels to mobile devices.

That adventure, with 7 days left, has come to an abrupt end. As of 9AM EST today, their Kickstarter campaign has closed its doors.

BUT — The adventure continues!

ChooseCo reached out to us directly to let you know about what’s going on. We have unique information on this breaking story you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet…

Why the ChooseCo Choose ‘Toons Kickstarter Campaign Is Over

Basically, this campaign was an uber success. But not successful enough to get funded on Kickstarter (they were a little more than 80k shy when they closed the campaign). BUT, so successful that ChooseCo got the attention of Venture Capitalists.

Over the last 1-2 weeks, ChooseCo has been negotiating with an undisclosed Venture Capital company to receive private funding in exchange for equity.

But Shannon and Ray are good people. And they feel their backers are really, really good people and they didn’t want to mislead the Kickstarter community.

They felt it wasn’t right to crowd fund while simultaneously negotiating an injection of private capital, and so the Kickstarter campaign is no more.

But What About Your Prizes

If you backed the Kickstarter campaign, which over 300 people did, you were expecting some awesome prizes for your backing (provided the campaign got fully funded).

While not every pledge level award will be honored, Choose ‘Toons will honor the discounted book set prices as advertised in Kickstarter. You’ll need to write them at to get a special coupon code. You can use that code at the CYOA store front.

Directly From Shannon and Ray

We spoke with the ChooseCo team about this and got to ask them questions that we thought needed to be asked by the community.

Here is what they had to say:

GeeksRaisingGeeks: Has ChooseCo ever sought private funding before?

ChooseCoChooseCo has funded the project thus far. Shannon has experience working in film previously, from two different mystery game series she designed and directed in the 1990s. She took on the challenge of developing an interactive script adapting one of Ray’s bestselling CYOA titles for younger readers, ‘Your Very Own Robot’. ChooseCo then funded development of a demo of the cartoon, including the animation, simple programming, and professional voice actors.

GeeksRaisingGeeks: Will all pledge gifts be honored?

ChooseCo: Backers can email ChooseCo directly regarding their pledges as they know how excited a lot of people were about the books and testing out the app.

GeeksRaisingGeeks: What happens if the private funding falls through?

ChooseCo: ChooseCo are speaking with exciting names about a partnership, which means Choose ‘Toons will happen. Although their current Kickstarter will not meet its goal, it is because of the backers that CYOA have been approached.

ChooseCo also released this statement, via email, to all Kickstarter backers:

Another Adventure Begins

Since relaunching Choose Your Own Adventure in 2006, a comment has come up repeatedly about how life has served up a “choose your own adventure” moment.  It’s appeared on everything from dating blogs to an article in the Wall Street Journal as a kind of shorthand to describe something totally unexpected.

We write to you now because we too are subject to one of those moments. Life has presented a fork in the road.  And we have had a choice to make.

From the first, we saw the Choose ‘Toons campaign on Kickstarter as a way to work with our fans directly on a project that was too innovative for mainstream funding options. We hoped people would remember the series and want to see it in a new format.   We were overwhelmed with the outpouring of ideas, offers of help, and resumes that came our way.  We have loved the experience of communicating with you on Kickstarter and are so incredibly grateful for your pledged support!

Something we also did not expect were offers of traditional funding, but in the past

few days we have had incredible offers of partnerships for this project.  This exciting opportunity allows us to propel Choose Toons to a level we’d not previously dreamed of. As we know you’ll agree, we want Choose ‘Toons to have the best launchpad it can get and this opportunity will make sure that Choose ‘Toons is a GO!

Thus, out of respect for the Kickstarter community, we have decided to cancel our funding campaign at this point.  It did not seem fair to continue to ask for money, knowing that we are simply going to fold those funds into a production commitment from a distribution partner.  While we are sad to leave this campaign, we are grateful to have met this community.  We have really enjoyed learning about some of your projects, and will continue to be in touch with many of you on your own work to make excellent stuff.  Request: Please consider re-allocating your pledge to another worthy storytelling project.  There are lots of them!

Your Pledges 

We know how many of you had your heart was set on the discounted book sets we made available via this campaign, and we want to  honor the prices advertised in the Kickstarter (for books only).  Write us at and we will make them available to you through the CYOA store front at with a special code you’ll need from us to receive the discount.

If you are still interested in receiving the updates on Choose ‘Toons, want to be a beta tester or have any questions about the project please do email us directly! We would very much like to continue speaking with you all and letting you know what’s next for Choose Your Own Adventure.

Please send us an email to and let us know!

Forever onward, adventurers, and always: choose wisely, keep your fingers in the page if you really must, and remember that even when you reach The End, you can always go back and make another choice.

Thank you all again for your fantastic support for our project; thanks to you Choose ‘Toons will become a reality.

Many thanks,

Ray, Shannon & the team at Choose Your Own Adventure

What Now?

girl playing cyoa on ipad

We wait, my fellow Geeky parents. We wait.

In the end, this is really nothing short of AWESOME.

Choose ‘Toons is going to be a reality!! If they weren’t forced to close Kickstarter early, they never would have received enough funding via Kickstarter. And then Choose ‘Toons wouldn’t happen.

But if the Kickstarter campaign wasn’t such a rocking success, they never would have received an injection of private capital. And then Choose ‘Toons wouldn’t happen.

Either way, the winners are EVERYONE. But most importantly, our children.

Don’t Forget About Us!!

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