ChooseCo Introduces ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Books to the 21st Century

Choose ToonsYou face a crossroads: Left, you help bring Choose Your Own Adventure Books to mobile devices. Right, you’re saddled with eternal guilt for not shelling out a few bucks and helping the cause. Which way will you choose?

Chooseco, the company behind the most awesome books of your childhood, has announced plans to reboot CYOA books with a series of Choose Your Own Adventure cartoon apps, called Choose ‘Toons.

Choose ‘Toons will be interactive, animated cartoons based on the very type of book you fell in love with when you were your kid’s age. They’ll be taking what we loved in classic book form and making it animated on tablets and phones.

I’ll give you a second while you pick your jaw up from your desk.

This is good. This is right. This is…wait, what? It might not even HAPPEN?!

Choose Your Own Adventure is (almost) BACK!

CYOA BooksThis is true… Chooseco’s Choose ‘Toons is all set to go, but they still need to raise enough money to set this mobile app series in motion.

The company, led by its Chief Executive and main-man author, Ray Montgomery, has taken to Kickstarter to help raise enough money to make this next-gen CYOA material a reality.

Their Kickstarter campaign was begun on August 12 and will continue until September 12. They’re hoping to raise $130,000, but have plenty far still to go.

In order to bring these childhood stories onto the mini-silver screen, they need our help.

You can donate money and/or share the campaign link to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google+, uh, MySpace…hell, even Friendster! (Come on, you know you still have an account there…)

Or, you can do nothing, and let this super awesome idea crumble to pieces like so much cookie carnage in the bottom of the Oreo tray.

You Face a Crossroads…Which Way Will You Go?

CYOA RobotListen up, you: you have now been faced with a very serious decision. Only you can decide which route you will take from this very real (and also very metaphorical) crossroads.

You can summon your courage and be a hero by giving Chooseco a helping hand, or you can turn to the Dark Side and join Vader, Voldemort, Sauron and other evil haters of great books and stories.

Either way, we won’t judge.

Seriously, though. Let me tell you a bit more about the CYOA Choose ‘Toons plan, give you a rundown of different prizes you can win, and then you can just make the decision for yourself.

Good, evil, in the end it’s all up to you.

Choose ‘Toons — Your Very Own Robot

CYOA GusHere’s an example of what you can expect from Choose ‘Toons, which are aimed at kids aged 5-7 (but can certainly be enjoyed by kids of all ages).

The first episode in the new series is based on the CYOA book Your Very Own Robot. The story’s about you creating your own robot named Gus out of spare bit and pieces from your parents’ laboratory. Once Gus comes to life, the story becomes about you trying to keep that mechanical rascal out of trouble. Not an easy task!

This episode of Choose ‘Toons features 11 different possible endings, reachable by 20 separate story branches. This exciting story is also supported by over 30 minutes of animation.

Ready to Support? Good. Because These Are The BEST Prizes Ever Given Out on Kickstarter

CYOA WritersHere’s a rundown of the gifts every backer receives, depending on the level of their donation.

And as a warning: Make sure you check your bank account first. Because as soon as you see these prizes, you will be shelling out dough. I promise.

  • $1 or more — Get updates or production, storyboards, vote, and make the Hall of Fame on the website
  • $6 or more — Get 1 download of the Choose ‘Toons app upon release in May 2014, for iOS or Android
  • $18 or more — Get 1 copy of first Choose ‘Toons episode plus a robot-design stylus to go with it
  • $30 or more — Become a beta tester for the Choose ‘Toons app
  • $55 or more — Get a limited edition Choose ‘Toons T-shirt, a signed copy of the Your Very Own Robot book, production updates, and a download of the app for iPad
  • $72 or more — Get the complete collection of CYOA Dragonlarks books for younger readers, and the iOS app download in May 2014
  • $75 or more — Get a classic CYOA book, production updates, download of app for iPad, and an awesome collection of ’80s-themed goodies
  • $90 or more — Get an animated version of your image included in your download of Your Very Own Robot Choose ‘Toon app
  • $95 or more — Classic box set of CYOA books written and SIGNED by R. A. Montgomery, the shooting script and download of the Choose ‘Toon for iPad
  • $100 or moreSigned copies of rare and out-of-print CYOA books, production updates, and app download for iPad
  • $115 or more — Complete collection of present-day CYOA books and Choose ‘Toons iOS app in May 2014
  • $400 or more — Guest star in the Gus episode, get the app, a signed copy of the book, a download of the episode, and a drawing of your character  signed by the artist
  • $1,000 or moreStar in the episode as a villain named Boris, get the app, a signed copy of the book, download of final product, and a character drawing signed by artist
  • $1,500 or more — Complete collection of books 1-184 and Choose ‘Toons download in May 2014
  • $5,000 or more — Voice a character in the episode! Also get a download of the app when it’s released
  • $10,000 or moreCYOA fans star in a real life CYOA! You’ll get to choose options from a series of questions (For example: North or south? Rural or urban? Hot or cold?) that will eventually lead to you taking the surprise trip of a lifetime.


Boy, if I had a complete collection of CYOA books, I think I’d be lost to the world for the next five years.

Okay, so, that’s what you get if you join the side of the Good. Now what about if you decide to chill with Vader, Voldermort, Sauron, and other evil haters? What do you get then?

Not a single thing. Well, except the guilt of knowing you helped deny your little Geek of CYOA iPad style.

Final Thoughts About Choose Your Own Adventure

Kids Reading Choose 'ToonsI am almost positive that I NEVER read a Choose Your Own Adventure book in my budding youth that didn’t end with me falling into a pit of snakes, getting buried alive in a tomb, or getting trapped for eternity behind a brick wall in a cave somewhere. I never, ever, ever, even once got to the happy ending in those books.


They were the coolest books in the world. Why? Because they did what you wished every other cool book or movie or TV show would do: put you into the story. All of a sudden, you are the protagonist and the outcome of the story is wholly dependent on the decisions you make. Talk about pressure!

But in putting the reader in the driver’s seat, those books surely made lifelong readers out of countless Geeks across the world. Seriously! I mean, I can’t say for sure exactly which book made me a reader-for-life (maybe The Hobbit in 4th Grade, maybe Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time in the 5th Grade) but Choose Your Own Adventure books were a part of that magic mix that made me who I am today.

And now Choose Your Own Adventure is trying to keep itself technologically relevant by developing the same awesome product for a brand new generation. In fact, it may be even more awesome than the original books, because of all the nifty graphics and animation. In fact…yep, I’m totally jealous.

But if you can set aside your jealousy (hey, you can still read/watch/play these, too!), you can offer your kid the chance to fall in love with the art of storytelling.

By introducing your kid to the CYOA playable apps, you just might be creating the next Joss Whedon. Do NOT take that responsibility lightly!

(Hey, are you still here? Good! Cause I want you to take a look at this and tell me that it wouldn’t be just about the coolest book in the whole history of the world if it was actually real…)

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