Teach Your Kid Valuable Skills in a Fun Way with the Car Lover’s Engine Repair Set

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The best children’s toys are those that are both fun and educational. Young kids are information sponges as they pick up on all the details and intricacies of the world around them, so if you can pique their interest in something they find enjoyable, they will also retain whatever educational information comes with the activity.

This works with a myriad of different toys and activities. If you make reading fun, your child will be more interested in learning how to read. If you make music fun, your child will be more interested in gaining proficiency with an instrument. And now, thanks to the Car Lover’s Engine Repair Set from Hammacher Schlemmer, you can make automotive maintenance fun, teaching your kid a valuable life skill in the process.

Car Lover’s Engine Repair Set


A lot of us are pretty clueless when it comes to fixing our cars when something inevitably goes wrong. Instead of being able to find DIY solutions, many of us shell out a bunch of money to mechanics, when, with a little bit of technical know-how, we would be able to make repairs in a much less expensive way on our own.

Perhaps we all would be a lot better off if we had been raised with the Car Lover’s Engine Repair Set from Hammacher Schlemmer. After all, new skills and information are retained much more easily in a person’s developmental childhood years than later in life. So, why not give your kids a leg-up on the rest of their peers, and teach them a very useful skill when they will learn it more easily?

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The Car Lover’s Engine Repair Set makes learning how to repair car parts fun and interesting. This tyke’s toy is actually a pretty accurate representation of a car engine, and comes complete with a removable cowling, spark plugs, wing nuts, brakes, air filters, and a dipstick to check the oil levels.

Your kiddo will learn how to check the oil, test the brakes, change filters, and replace other engine components, all of which will seem like a pretty great time to a youngster. The “car” also comes with a horn, headlights, and an ignition switch, so your child can start up his ride, turn on the lights, and of course, make some noise – because all kids LOVE that.

In order to perform the necessary repairs, of course your child will also need the proper tools for the job. But fear not, this awesome toy comes with all of the necessary equipment. Your kid will be able to use a faux screwdriver, wrench, and other mechanic tools to make all of the important repairs.

If you want your youngster to learn a valuable life skill in a fun way that he will greatly enjoy, you should definitely look into the Car Lover’s Engine Repair Set. You can buy this awesome product here!

Your kid will thank you as an adult for teaching him how to save a boatload of money.

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