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Everybody loves a good family camping trip, even the geekiest of families! However, getting your kids to leave behind their electronics for a weekend in the wilderness can be a real struggle sometimes. If you want to enjoy the outdoors without making your kids leave behind all of their gadgets, you might find that they are happier with this arrangement.

However, there’s another problem: how do you keep your electronic devices charged while you’re hangin’ in a tent for a few days? Well, Blue Freedom, LLC has created a product that will solve all of your outdoor electricity needs and more, in the geekiest and most awesome way ever.

Meet the Blue Freedom Hydropower Plant!

Blue Freedom Portable Hydropower Plant

The¬†Blue Freedom Portable Hydropower Plant is currently on Kickstarter getting funding, so it is not a widely-available reality just yet. But that doesn’t mean that we still can’t marvel over this fantastic new piece of technology which is sure to make any camping drip more exciting and convenient.

Say goodbye to the idea of not having any electricity in the wilderness without annoying, cumbersome generators – the Blue Freedom Hydropower Plant is a small, efficient power source that needs only a little bit of moving water to charge your devices.

This awesome little gadget works by securing a “power plant” base to an area near a moving river or stream, and attaching it to the hydrodynamic turbine, which goes in the water. The power plant base then features USB ports which you can use to charge a myriad of electronics.

Check out the Blue Freedom in action in the video below, and be amazed!

As you can see, the Blue Freedom is incredibly easy to use, and can provide power in the outdoors in a way that very few things can. Even solar power has its difficulties on cloudy days, but hydroelectric power should never fail, so long as you have a sufficient water source nearby.

The Blue Freedom is not available for sale yet, but you can help fund the project on Kickstarter to ensure that this awesome invention comes to fruition; it is already well on the way.

This product looks to be ideal for everyone from outdoor survivalists to your own geeky family. Make the kids happy and let them bring along their electronics – they’ll learn a lot while they charge them. And you will probably think the Blue Freedom is pretty damn cool as well!

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