Building Your Own Galaxy Review: Helping Kids Create Geeky Lego-verses

Book 1If your little geeks have seen The Lego Movie (which they totally should have by now–it’s so good!),  then I bet they’ve been begging you for their very own Lego collection. That business is BOOMING right now!

So why not relent? Do it! And when you do, be sure to pick up Building Your Own Galaxy when you do. This is a fantastically fun UNOFFICIAL Lego building book that shows you how to make some of the coolest ships, vehicles, people and droids in all of science fiction.

What is Building Your Own Galaxy?

Book 3Written by Joe Klang, Oliver Albrecht and Lutz Uhlmann, this ridiculously awesome book features 400 pages, full-to-brimming with pictures and instructions on how to build your very own super-geeky Lego creations.

The pictures are full-color and the instructions are beyond easy to follow. Seriously, you know how Lego’s official instruction manuals are pretty decent? Well, these are even better. I swear.

But the real question is… WHAT DOES IT SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE???

What Lego Creations You Can Build with Building Your Own Galaxy

shipsDiving into the worlds of Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and more, Building Your Own Galaxy shows you how to create some of your favorite TV and movie-inspired ships and characters.

With this book, you can finally have step-by-step instructions on how to build…

  • Ships like: TIE Fighters, X-Wings, Imperial Shuttles, Original BSG Vipers, AT-AT Walkers and so much more


  • Characters like: Yoda, Klingons, Spock, Cylons, and so so so much more.

This book is seriously a cause for celebration. There just hasn’t been such a comprehensive guide to sci-fi Lego creations like this one. Your little geeks will be over the moon (and around Tatooine) for this gift.

So if you’re considering bowing to the pressure of getting your little kiddos some Legos after watching that (amazing) movie, then do the whole geeky family a favor and get this book, too.

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