Teach Your Kids the Fun of Pest Control with the Bug-A-Salt!

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Boys will be boys. Most young boys develop a fondness for weaponry at some point in their youth, and there are many ways that this affection can manifest. It is your job as a parent to make sure this weapons obsession turns into something positive.

Meanwhile, flies will be flies. No matter where you live, in the summertime, you probably find yourself dealing with flies, mosquitoes, and other irritating insects. When they make their way into your house, you are often left with the nasty task of trying to track down and kill these annoying pests.

Sometimes, two problems can be solved with the same awesome solution. Such is the case with the incredible Bug-A-Salt Original Salt Gun.

The Bug-A-Salt

The Bug-A-Salt is an exciting new product that can help fulfill your kid’s needs for adventure by allowing him to wage war against an overmatched, irritating opponent – houseflies.

This battery-free gun is designed for the explicit purpose of pest control. All you need to make the Bug-A-Salt a fly’s worst nightmare: common table salt. You fill the gun up with table salt (it accepts enough for 100 shots at a time), cock the barrel, and fire. Then, the Bug-A-Salt sprays out a fine, shotgun-blast-like mist of salt at a velocity fast enough to knock flies dead in their tracks – without the mess of having to clean insect guts off your furniture.

When the Bug-A-Salt’s spray hits an insect, it kills the bug on impact, so that they fall harmlessly to the ground without any mess. The range of the Bug-A-Salt is up to three feet, with an optimum distance of two feet, as at that range, the gun fires a wider blast of salt, ensuring that pests cannot escape its wrath. Check out the Bug-A-Salt in action below!

Since your boys are probably going to want to play with faux weapons at some point, why not have them perform a valuable household chore while doing so?

The Bug-A-Salt is a great way to have your kids do some of the dirty work around the house, and they’ll have a great time doing it. Just make sure that your children understand that the Bug-A-Salt is not called the Human-A-Salt for a good reason.

For just $59.50 you can buy the Bug-A-Salt Original Salt Gun on Amazon here! It is guaranteed to turn one of the more unpleasant things you have to do to keep a clean home into a fun, productive activity for your little insect hunters!

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