Turn Your Kid Into a Fly Hunting Superhero With the Bug-A-Salt Gun

parts of the bug-a-salt-gun
The Bug-A-Salt gun is a kinda-sorta toy gun designed to kill flies by shooting table salt at them.

It is a pump-action, shotgun style gun that loads pinches of table salt with each reload. Pull the trigger and BAM! Down goes the flies.

While it seems a little hokey, it works.

But better yet, this weapon gives you the perfect opportunity to turn your kid into a Superhero.

How to Become a Superhero With the Bug-A-Salt Gun

This is hands-down the perfect way to introduce your Geek to camping.

If your kid hasn’t been camping all his life, the likelihood of successfully yanking them away from monitors for 24-48 hours is slim. It’s even slimmer to have them enjoy it.

But get this: Imagine sitting around a camp fire, mosquitos circling in. Your Geek is miserable: No 4G service, pouty face, arms crossed and getting eaten alive.

And you head to the car. And bring out a cape, a mask and the Bug-A-Salt gun and say, “Here you go, boy. Tonight, it’s your turn to be a Super Hero.”

And then he goes to town. Lighting up mosquitos left and right. And completely saving the day.

There are few opportunities in life to become a Superhero. Combining a cape, mask, camping & the Bug-A-Salt gun is one of those times.

Does the Bug-A-Salt Work?

bug a salt in box

With great aim, yes, it does. It shoots the salt out in a spray, shotgun style, so your aim doesn’t need to be perfect. But it sure works.

And there’s no place better to use it than camping.

It’s a silly gadget that is designed to replace fly swatters world wide. And really, according to everything I’ve read, it works. And it makes bug killing a helluvalot more fun.

In the end, when used effectively the Bug-A-Salt can kill three bugs with one salt:

  1. Get your Geek to enjoy camping and the great outdoors.
  2. Beat those buzzing bastards.
  3. Enabling your child to be a Superhero, if just for one day.

And giving the joy of Superhero stardom is enough to justify spending $35 on this bug killing machine.

Cool Videos of the Bug-A-Salt Gun in Action

Wanna see the Bug-A-Salt in action? Here are some awesome videos from YouTube:

Killing a Fly on Top of Jello

Killing a Fly on a Christmas Ornament

Killing a Fly on a Chess Set

Killing a Fly on a Picture Frame

Interested in learning more? Head over to BugASalt.com.

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