Your Kids will Love Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Balls!

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The Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Ball

Kids are always looking for fun new games to play, and parents are always looking for activities that will tire their children out and make them a little more tranquil. This is why outdoor, active activities are a favorite of both parents and children alike.

When a new product comes along that can get both kids and adults excited, we have to showcase it. Such is the case with the Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Ball, which is a new toy that will provide endless entertainment and active fun for the whole family.

The Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Ball is essentially a bubble-boy suit or human hamster ball – without the wearer actually having to be fully enclosed within the ball. Instead, this ball fits around your torso, leaving your extremities and head free, while you have all the fun of an inflatable bumper body covering the rest of your person.

Your kids will love roughhousing in these awesome inflatable balls, as they can do any number of activities while shielded by the pockets of air.

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The Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Balls are designed for children ages 6-and-up, but the balls can even be worn by most adults – so you can get in your own inflatable ball and mix it up with your kids. Instead of spending a ton of money on something more expensive like Sumo suits, you can get the Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Balls for just $40 each.

These awesome toys will be the hit of any kid’s birthday party, or you can just bust them out for a little bit of novel fun on a lazy summer day. The Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Balls are 36 inches in diameter, and can accommodate almost all children and a majority of adults. The balls can be inflated using an electric air pump, hand pump, or if you’re extra ambitious, with your own mouth.

The Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Balls are sold separately, so you’ll want to purchase at least 2 to have a properly good time. Your kids are guaranteed to have a blast bouncing around in these balls, and parents will have a fantastic time joining in on the fun as well. The Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Balls will allow your family to play together like never before.

If you’re looking for a great, fun activity that will entertain the entire family this summer, you can buy your own Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Balls here!

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