Build a Bill Porter LED Tetris Tie With Your Geeky Kids This Sunday

tetris tie 5Hello again, fellow geeks! Just a quick note here to draw your attention to what may be the coolest, geekiest, most undeniably awesome bit of business garb the world has ever known.

Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, presenting the LED Tetris Tie!

tetris tie 1

Make a Tetris Tie With Your Lil Geeks in One Afternoon

Bill Porter, who is quickly rising the ranks of my esteem as to be a god among geeks, created this ridiculously wonderful Tetris-themed tie in just 4 hours.

(4 hours!? You know what takes me 4 hours? Trying to convince myself that those french fries I so desperately want to devour from the fast food restaurant down the street won’t deal me irreparable damage! And even then I sometimes don’t get them! Sheesh…)

How did he do it? (Well, first he’s a genius, so don’t think that you or I, without some serious instruction or education, could just whip this together.)

What he did was utilize 80 WS2811 RGB LED pixels in combination with a DigiSpark microcontroller, a library of code from Alan’s Ramblings and a heavily modified Tetris engine, and incorporated it all into his favorite tie (well okay, it might not necessarily have been his favorite tie, but I bet it sure is now!).

tetris tie 6

Apparently, he just had the parts lying around (because of course he did), so what would have cost a mere $50 for the eternal awesomeness of a Tetris necktie actually cost him a mere nothing.

Right now, the tie doesn’t actually play Tetris (that would be insane), but rather features falling blocks that follow the strict geometric rules of the popular game.

And seriously, how cool would your little geek be if he or she wore this to school one day? They would be hoisted on a chair and paraded around science class. Yeah, that cool.

It’s totally wearable, totally awesome, and totally worthy of a look-see at his project video:

What are Bill’s future plans? According to his blog, The Mind of Bill Porter, he’d like to introduce a basic Artificial Intelligence to the tie, possibly along with a bluetooth connection, allowing folks like you and me to actually play the game via smartphones.

WAIT! Didn’t I just say that would be insane? BILL, YOU’RE CRAZY!

And boy-oh-boy do we love you for it.

Carry on, Geek God!

What do you think? Is this not the absolute coolest? Would you buy one if he decided to sell them?

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