Best Tablets for Kids: What Tablet to Buy Your Geek in 2013

LeapPad 2Geeks Raising Geeks dives into our choices for the best tablets for geeky kids. These educational tablets will grow their brains with hours of fun games.

If you have a kid and own a tablet, then you already know how little time you get to spend on it. Kids love them. And why not? With games, music, books, and the web, there’s so much about tablets that kids are attracted to.

But instead of sacrificing your tablet time for your kids’ enjoyment, why not get them one of their very own?

There are tons of models out there that are made specifically for kids. Most come with plenty of pre-installed software to help your kids learn to read, master math, and have some good ol’ fun. Some connect with digital stores that allow you to upgrade the content as your kids’ interests change.


And just think about this: if you get your little geek or geekette their own tablet, you get Candy Crush all to yourself once again.

Best 6 Educational & Fun Tablets for Geeky Kids

6. Kurio 7 Tablet

KurioThis tablet-for-kids is perfect for geeks too little to own and operate an iPad of their own but old enough to benefit from tons of pre-loaded educational and entertainment content.

The Kurio features Android 4.0 and it has one of the more mature-looking interfaces in tablets made for children. But it’s definitely suited for youngsters. The parental control capabilities are out of this world so you can make sure your little ones aren’t doing or seeing anything you don’t want them to.

Here’s a peek at some of the Kurio’s really decent specs:

  • Screen Size — 7 inches
  • Resolution — 800 x 480 pixels
  • Operating System — Android 4.0.3
  • Storage — 4 GB
  • Wifi Capable? — Yes
  • Multimedia — Music player, front/rear camera, video capture, connectivity to TV screen

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5. VTech Inno Tab 2S

VTechWhereas the Kurio seems to be a kid-friendly iPad, the Vtech Inno Tab is much more focused on bringing specific learning content to your little geeks.

Aimed at kids aged 3-9, the Inno Tab comes with a great variety of interactive reading programs, games focused on learning, and apps designed to boost your child’s level of creativity.

It also features wifi capability that allows you to easily connect with your in-home internet to browse kid-friendly web pages and download new games, books, and educational activities.

  • Screen Size — 5 inches
  • On-board Storage — 2 GB
  • Storage Expansion — up to 32 GB
  • Wifi Capable? — Yes
  • Multimedia — Rotating digital camera, video capture, MP3 player

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4. Fuhu Nabi 2 Tablet

Fuhu NabiIf you’re looking for a stepping stone to take your kids from baby tablets to adult tablets, this is a good way to go. The Fuhu Nabi 2 is the world’s first fully-featured Android tablet made specifically for youngsters.

The interface is super easy to use, with bright colors and large icons, but it’s also sophisticated enough that your kids can use it for just about anything that you’d use your own Android tablet for. And if that thought kind of scares you, don’t worry; it also comes with top-notch parental control security.

  • Screen Size — 7 inches
  • Resolution — 1024 x 600 pixels
  • Operating System — Android 4.0
  • Storage — 8 GB
  • Wifi Capable? — Yes
  • Multimedia — NVIDIA graphics processor, USB port, MP3 player, video player

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3. Lexibook Junior Tablet

LexibookLexibook uses an AndroidTM operating system that provides a direct link to SpotifyTM and KabillionTM for access to thousands of songs and hundreds of cartoons for your little geek’s enjoyment.

But it’s not all about straight-up entertainment–the Lexibook Market features well over 10,000 apps for download and purchase.

Many of these apps are educational or learning programs, deigned to get your kids’ brains turning and minds growing. And not all of these apps are ones that want you to keep your nose two inches away from the screen, either.

There are ones that teach outdoors activities and even cooking. It’s a great balance between on-tablet learning and off-screen fun.

  • Screen Size — 7 inches
  • Resolution — 800 x 480, Capacitive TFT Touchscreen
  • Operating System — AndroidTM (4.0)
  • Storage — 4 GB
  • Wifi Capable? — Yes
  • Multimedia — SD card slot, digital camera (0.3mp), internal speakers, MP3 player, video player

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2. Tabeo e2 8-inch Kids Tablet

Tabeo e2Another kids’ tablet with a bit of sophistication in its user interface, the Tabeo e2 is a great option for growing geeks who don’t want anything too baby-ish.

The Tabeo is a really great tablet–it features an 8-inch screen (bigger than other by at least an inch) and a big assortment of pre-loaded apps, including: Bejeweled, Fruit Ninja, Little Pim (language learning), interactive iStoryBooks, an access to a huge Tabeo app store with thousands and thousands of entertaining and educational programming.

  • Screen Size — 8 inches
  • Resolution — 1024 x 768
  • Operating System — Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • Storage — 8 GB
  • Storage Expansion — Up to 64 GB
  • Wifi Capable? — Yes
  • Multimedia — Dual-facing camera, microphone, internal speakers, USB port, video player, music player

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1. LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer

LeapPadLeapFrog is the leader in the kids’ tablet computer industry. Their products are usually far-and-away the best of the best. Time’s are changing and competitors are really bringing the heat (like the ones listed above), but LeapFrog continues to dominate, at least for now.

The LeapPad2 Explorer is geared for kids aged 3-9 (like the Vtech Inno Tab). The apps available are vibrant, fun, and totally educational and even the product itself is fun, since it comes in a variety of colors and styles.

One of the best features of the LeapPad2 Explorer (and believe me, there are a LOT of best features) is that it comes with a specific Learning Path to help guide your kids’ improvement.

Most of the other tablets on this list rely on you or your kid to decide what to work on, but you can totally count on the LeapPad2 to take your little geek by the hand and show him or her where they should go next.

  • Screen Size — 5 inches
  • Resolution — 480 x 272
  • Storage — 4 GB
  • Battery Life — Up to 9 hours
  • Multimedia — 2 cameras (front and back), video recorder and player, music player, USB port, headphone jack

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Any one of these 6 awesome tablets will do much more than increase your solo time on your own iPad–it’ll also help your little geeks learn and grow.

Which of these tablets would you buy for your child? Does your kid already have one? What’s been your experience? Let’s chat about it!

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