Best of Etsy’s Geeky Teething Rings and Toys

mix tape 2If you’re a brand new parent, you probably have your hands full 24 hours a day with all kinds of baby-related goodness. But in the back of your mind, you’ve got to be just biding your time, waiting with bated breath for the moment when you can start introducing your new little geek to Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Batman comics and so many other paragons of ultimate geekery.

But you have to wait! Because they’re too young, right?


Well, noooo…. Not necessarily.

You can work on them, subliminally for now, by getting them super-fantastic geeky teething rings and toys. The ones I’ve put together on this list are amazingly creative and totally awesome. And why wouldn’t they be? They’re culled from that epicenter of mind-blowing unique gifts and goodies: Etsy.

Below, I’ll show you a selection from three different Etsy shops: AveryRayne, TeethME and 3PrincessesStore.

And let me just warn you right now: They. Are. Phenomenal.

So let go your bated breath and stop biding your time (you’re leaving teeth marks! *rim shot*) and take a peek at these ultra-cool teether rings and toys!

Our Favorite Geeky Teething Rings from Etsy

Teething Rings from AveryRayne

AveryRayne is owned and run by Heather, from Portland, OR, and she has a huge number of products available, from necklaces to bracelets, charms and, yes, teething rings.

The shop’s been in business since 2007 and has sold over 1,600 items and garnered a five-star review from almost 400 customers.

I’d say that’s worthy of a look-see at its wares!

The One Ring Teething/Nursing Ring Necklace

one ring

Personalized Firefly Gorram Teething Ring

firefly 1

Personalized Battlestar Galactica Teething Ring


Teether Toys from TeethME

TeethME is a much newer shop, opened in 2011, but they have a great selection of handmade wooden teething toys for babies and toddlers and a whole slew of five-star reviews to bolster their much-deserved high reputation.

Here’s a look at three of their awesome products made from alder wood.

Bat Teether Toy


Baby T-Rex Teether

baby trex 2

Yellow Submarine Teether Toy


Teething Baby Toys from 3PrincessesStore

3Princesses specializes in wooden toys of all kinds, including blocks, wands and teethers. In the past four years, they’ve offered dozens of products and received better than 1,200 reviews, giving them another full five-star rating.

It might seem positively stunning at first to hear that they’ve sold over 5,000 products in that short time, but once you see these wonderfully geeky items, it’ll seem juuuuust right. They’re great! Here’s a small selection of their goodies.

Wood Teething Smartphone


Geek Mix Tape Cassette Baby Teether

mix tape

Personalized Teething Remote Control Toy



So what do you think? Pretty geektastic, right? Let me know if you decide to pick one of these up for your new geek-in-training. Or send me some pics of other awesome teethers you find!

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  1. So gorram cute! I can support the nerd community, support made in the US toys, and hand-made shops? Score. Ordering my little man some today.

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