Buying the Best Next-Gen Gaming Console for Your Little Geeks

headerWe geeks do love gaming, don’t we? Whether it’s playing virtual soccer, football or baseball, or getting slicey-dicey with goblins, goliaths, and Ganons, video games are a huge part of geek culture.

And with such awesome next-generation consoles available, I whole-heartedly understand your desire to get something new and exciting for your little geeks to play with. (That is your excuse, right?)

Well, before you throw down your money (and it’s going to be a lot) for the Wii U, Playstation 4 or Xbox One, take a look at this new report from FixYa, which details the biggest consumer complaints of each console.

It may help you pick the right one for the whole geeky family (read: you) to enjoy!

Overview of The Next-Gen Gaming Consoles

Nintendo Wii U

wii 1Nintendo has been bringing us new consoles and games for decades now, a couple of which were pretty instrumental in making me the person I am today.

Just like we wrote in the article on learning to be a gentleman from Super Mario, playing those games on the NES in my formative years taught me a great deal about family bonding, honorable actions, taking risks for the greater good, and being kind to animals (or at least the non-evil ones…)

The company has had some rough times since the early days of video game domination, trying to keep up with Sony and Microsoft. They still have a tough time today, even though the Wii U hit the shelves a full year before the others’ systems.

wii 3Why? Some people say they’re too family-oriented (which probably isn’t a problem for you geeky parents out there), while others say their game offerings are just too limited.

The Wii U, however, is still an undeniably incredible bit of gameplay machinery. But we’re not here to talk about how awesome it is. We’re here to relay FixYa’s report on the biggest consumer issues with this next-gen Nintendo console.

So let’s get to it!

Worst Complaint: Freezing

I remember freezing being an issue for Nintendo way back in 1987, when I was playing Double Dribble with my sister and I was one three-pointer away from giving my Boston Frogs the leg up they needed to beat the dreaded New York Eagles. The game just stopped. Well, it was jiving a little bit back and forth, but there was no returning to the action. No three-pointer. No win. I’ve had that loss hanging over my head ever since.

But freezing isn’t anything new, and it’s certainly not a problem limited to Nintendo’s Wii U, but it’s something they need to get taken care of pronto if they want to reclaim their King of Video Gaming status from Sony.

There are updates and patches you can get to help keep this from happening, but it’s apparent through FixYa’s complaint compilation that it’s a real consumer concern.

Other Top-Ranked Problems

Listed items represent the popularity (in percentages) of user complaints.

  • Gamepad – 30%
  • Internet Connection – 15%
  • Audio/Video – 10%
  • Misc – 10%

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Sony Playstation 4

ps4 1Even though the Wii U has had an extra year of sales, the Sony Playstation 4 is estimated to overtake it. Part of this is due to Sony taking advantage of slumping Wii U sales and negative Xbox One advance-reviews. But perhaps a bigger reason is simply the Playstation’s enviable reputation for being the best of the best in terms of graphics, gameplay and title variety.

But just because people will line up outside a Best Buy for days on end in anticipation of its release, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any drawbacks to this console.

What are they?

Glad you asked.

Worst Complaint: Console Turning Off

Oh, the horror! Imagine: you and your little geek are squaring off on a high-tension game of MLB 14 The Show and all of the sudden, the screen goes black, the console powers off, and your batter never gets the chance to swing. UGH.

ps4 4No matter if the blinking console light is red or blue when this happens, the point is that it isn’t white. And that’s a major issue. Naturally there are reasons and remedies for unintentional shut-downs, but none of them will ever bring back your World Series showdown with your little geek.

Other Top-Ranked Problems

As before, listed items represent the popularity (in percentages) of user complaints.

  • No Audio or Video – 25%
  • Freezing – 20%
  • Disc Drive – 10%
  • Misc Complaints – 10%

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Microsoft Xbox One

xbox 2The Xbox One, once heralded as the single greatest gaming/all-around-entertainment console ever created, hit some serious snags early on. Like way early on. As in before it was ever released.

Although the tech specs and gameplay ability of the Kinect are staggeringly awesome, a lot of folks were worried about surveillance. It seems that originally, the Xbox would require a constant internet connection (even if you were playing offline) and that made a lot of gamers raise an eyebrow. Some of them even rose two. Because this is an era of distrust between consumers and corporate giants/governments, folks didn’t necessarily want everything they did with the Xbox to be cataloged somewhere.

xbox 3As FixYa points out, Microsoft eventually relented on the issue, but it might have been too late. People were already wary. And so it’s no surprise that when the Playstation 4 finally came out, the Xbox One was kind of left in the dust.

Which is too bad, because like I said, the body-and-voice-sensing Kinect is an incredible achievement and a super cool way to play games.

So, after hearing all that, can you guess what the biggest issue is with the Xbox One? I’ll give 10 guesses…minus the first 9.

Worst Complaint: Kinect

Have I mentioned that the Kinect technology is awesome? It allows you to control gameplay with your body and voice. Yeah, totally awesome. But do you know what’s not awesome? When the dang thing doesn’t work!

It’s hard enough trying to teach your little geeks the intricacies of soccer’s off-sides rule while playing FIFA 14, but to be off-sides all the time when you’re not trying to be? That just plain stinks.

It’s an awesome bit of tech, but the Kinect is far from perfectly perfect.

Other Top-Ranked Problems

As before, listed items represent the popularity (in percentages) of user complaints.

  • Console Shutting Off – 25%
  • Audio or Sound – 15%
  • Cached Page Problems – 10%
  • Misc Complaints – 20%

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Common Console Complaints: Final Thoughts

Okay, here’s the deal: every video game console that’s ever been created has had it’s fair share of problems. What, you think the Atari was perfect? Well, yeah, it almost was, but it sure had it’s own set of issues!

When you’re picking out the perfect gaming system for your geeky family, you just got to go with what you feel is best. Take a look at the games they offer, the other entertainment values they feature and the fun of the system’s unique gameplay. Then contrast those positives with this list of problems and see where you land.

Because in the end, it’s all about having fun. And you can have serious fun with any one of these consoles.

Interested in hearing more from FixYa? Check out their page for reports on smartphones, tablets, laptops, mobile browsers and more!

What are your biggest complaints from these three big consoles? Did FixYa have yours listed? And come on, seriously, which one do you think is the absolute best of the best of the best?

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