Best 16 Halloween Houses for Geeky Families

House on FireOne of the best things about Halloween is that it can be celebrated in so many ways. You get to watch killer TV specials and movies, you get to ingest a horribly wonderful amount of wonderfully horrible sweets, you get to dress up your family, dress up your pets, and if you’re really down with the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve, you can even dress up your HOUSE.

It takes a special kind of geek to put in the effort to make your home a living, breathing, scarifying monument to the grotesque grandeur of Halloween.

And today we’re celebrating them!

Now, not all Halloween houses are up to par. We’ve all seen some great ones, sure, but we’ve also encountered some decorative efforts that have missed the mark. Like completely.

There are those that are just… too much:

Too Much

And there are those that are just WAY too much:

Way Too Much

And of course there are those that are a bit confused, maybe going through an identity crisis of sorts:


But for all the Halloween houses that have left us with a sour taste in our mouths, there are more than enough wicked displays of Grand Geekery that have blown our minds.

If you’re thinking about dressing up your house, and dressing it up RIGHT, take a look at these geek-family homes who obviously know what it means to truly celebrate that most awfully awesome of autumn holidays: HALLOWEEN!

Top 16 Geeky Halloween Houses from the Homes of Geek Gods

16. The Ghostbusters’ Last Stand

GhostbustersTurning your front yard into a Big Apple cityscape and pitting Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston against Slimer and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is a great way to display your mastery of Geekhood.

(via tumblr)

15. In the Mouth of Madness Manor

Jaws of HeckThis is just one of an almost-infinite number of ways to turn your home’s front porch into a frightening maw of Halloween horror.

(via Mighty Lists)

14. Welcome to… Jurassic Kong!

Jurassic KongWho cares about staying true to the plot-lines of our favorite “monster” movies? This is Halloween!

The only thing that could make this better, perhaps, is to throw in that tri-horned god of Cretaceous lore, the Tricero–

Oh, wait. There it is.

(via reddit)

13. Plants vs. Zombies: The Battlefield!

Plants vs ZombiesSome people are addicted to mobile gaming. And some people are addicted to Awesome. This is one of the latter.

(Well, it’s probably a little of both, to be honest…)

(via reddit)

12. Headquarters of the Inflatables

Inflatable HouseIt’s the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men!


For the win(d).

(via tumblr)

11. The D’oh Factory

SimpsonsWhat better way to celebrate your favorite animated juggernaut of a television series than by surrounding your house with larger-than-life cut-outs of almost the entire cast?

I don’t think there is a better way. Nope.

(via reddit)

10. Dining Hall of the Zombie Gnomes

Zombie GnomeJust imagine these little critters scattered around your entire front yard.

Adorable! Disgusting! Magical! Horrific!

And that’s what the season’s all about.

(via Etsy)

9. The Spiders’ Web

More SpidersAre you as terrified of spiders as I am? If so, you’ll understand that this goes well beyond a holiday celebration and into the realms of unbearably oogy nightmares.

If not, you, sir or madam, are Crazy with a Capital Straightjacket.

(via Bubblews)

8. Casa de Spider Gigante

Giant SpiderBoy, I really have it in for myself this time, don’t I? If you want to scare the bejeebus out of your kids and their friends (not to mention your neighbors and ME), then take a look at this house wearing a spider (a spider that puts Aragog and Shelob to dang SHAME) as some kind of horrible, horrible, horrible hat.


(via Pinterest)

7. Chez Sillhouette

SilhouettesThe best thing about this entry is how simple it is.

You don’t need to buy a million and one inflatable monsters, you don’t need to create an ultra-realistic crime scene in your driveway (cause, frankly, that’s just gross), and you don’t need to spend thousands on a life-size flying saucer (don’t worry, that one’s coming up next)…

Sometimes, all you need are a few well-made, well-placed sinister cut-out silhouettes to get that eerie effect. This here’s a case in point.

(via Scott Royalty)

6. The UFO Crash Pad

RoswellHowever, if you can afford to go all out, this is one the best ways you can use those bucks. A Roswell re-creation for the ages.

Just don’t forget the yellow crime scene tape! That’s an absolutely essential ingredient to this otherworldly disaster diorama.

(via reddit)

5. House of the Giant Jack

Pumpkin ManI thought this one was just pretty dang cool until I saw its actual scale…

Then the goosebumps came up for some air and my neck-hairs stood at attention.

Not everyone has the skill, resources, and supernatural determination that this guy has, but if you do… put that good stuff to use!

(via tumblr)

4. The Screaming Pale Pumpkin House

Jack O HouseThis home was tailor-made for Halloween! I just wonder if the architect and the owners even knew it.

Seriously, if your house looks as much like a jack o’ lantern as this one does, you don’t even need to put up decorations. You’re all set!

(via Trend Hunter)

3. The Real-Life Guest House

Ghost HouseThis is one of the coolest houses I. Have. Ever. Seen.

It’s located in France and was built by the amazing team of Berdaguer and Pejus. What you see is a former school, prison and funeral home covered in high-density polystyrene.

What you see is Pure Genius.

(via Inhabitat)

2. House O’ Lanterns

House on Fire 2As unbelievably awesome as this one is, I can’t help but wonder what kind of insurance policy the owners have… I sure hope it covers accidental arson!

If you got a firebug in the family, this one might be off-limits. But if you’re limber, have a thousand long-stemmed matches, and a desire to wipe the floor with your neighbors so-called Halloween Spirit, then by all means, fire it up!

(via Build Direct)

1. The Great and Terrible House of King

Stephen KingOf course, if you’re Stephen King, then you’ve already won.

Because you live in this house.

And every day is Halloween.

(via Human For Human’s Sake)

What are you planning for your house’s Halloween costume? You going whole hog like these Masters of the Macabre or toning it down this year? Oh please, please, please say it’s the hog!

Let us know and send us some pics of your Geeky Family All Hallow’s House!

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