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Plush 2If I reminded you that Christmas was just around the corner, would you smack me for stating the obvious? Probably. And I probably wouldn’t blame you.

No doubt you already have an idea of what kinds of BIG presents you’re giving your kids (or maybe you’ve already bought them, you crazy go-getter you!), but what about the little things to pile high your little geek’s stocking?

Well, if you’re anything like me, you wait until the last minute because you think “Hey, what’s the big deal? It’s just little stuff I can pick up anywhere!”

Boy, I hope you’re not like me.

But just in case you are, here’s a smack I give to you: it’s my rundown of the coolest stocking stuffer gifts available from that purveyor of perfectly precious nerdery, Think Geek. This site is full-to-brimming with the grandest geek gifts known to man. Or woman. Or child. Or hobbit. Or anyone.

Seriously, I dare you to look at the list below and not pick one of these items up. (Notice how I didn’t say it had to be for your kid?) They are that awesome.

Super Stocking-Stuffed Sweetness from Think Geek

There’s just too much awesome here to put into one long list–it’d make your brain bust. So, to help that not happen, I’ve divided my picks into three categories:

  • Clothes and Such – Items to wear on your feet, on your shirt, on your head, and around your jaw (don’t worry, it’s a fake beard and not a torture device…wait, those are mutually exclusive, right?)
  • Tools of a Kind – I’m not saying they’re all practical tools, but they are tools. Of a kind. Often that “kind” is imaginative. Which makes them even more awesome.
  • Things of Pure Play – No other category suits these items better than the word PLAY. These are gifts whose only purpose is to bring smiles and create dreams of impossible wonder. They are true PLAY things, and every geeky kid needs them.

Enough! No more build up, no more waiting! Here are my picks for the coolest stocking-stuffers from the magic vaults of Think Geek!

Clothes and Such

Dwarven Beard Hats ($35.99)


Granted, you might need an unusually large stocking to fit one of these guys in it, but it’s totally worth expanding the sock’s acreage to fit it! These are just…unspeakably awesome.

Get it here!

Superhero Caped Socks ($9.99-$24.99)

Super Socks

Superman, Batman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman and more are represented with these super awesome cape socks. Why yes, that’s right, those are actual capes dangling majestically from the back of your calves.

Yes, they are.

Get it here!

Not so into superhero socks? How about Super Hero Caped Backpacks?

Star Wars Darth Vader Force Gloves ($19.99)


Okay, I definiely need to get myself a pair of these.

Yeah, I know you get the same basic function from turning a magnet backwards, but still!

How cool is this going to make next year’s Jedi Halloween costume?!

Get it here!

Hobbit Feet Socks ($11.99)


These are just funny. Just too, too funny. I love them.

Your little geek will, too. I swear.

Get it here!

Here are the BEST Hobbit Themed Gifts

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin ($11.99)

HG pin

Let your little geek show his or her allegiance to Katniss and her cause with this really beautiful Mockingjay pin.

This is an awesome item to actually help decorate the outside of your kid’s stocking on Christmas morning.

Just make sure you help them unclasp and re-clasp it. Cause it sure hurts when you stab yourself.

I know this from experience. A lot of experience…

Get it here!

Tools of a Kind

Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver of the 11th Doctor ($29.99)

Sonic Screwdriver

Here you go, kiddo. Have the Sonic Screwdriver.

Yep, it lights up. Yep, it has sound effects. Yep, it will help you save the universe.

Go for it!

Get it here!

Mini Batman Bat-Signal ($9.95)


Calling all batkids! We need your help (maybe even to Save San Francisco?)

This one is two-times awesome, because (a) it looks ridiculously cool and (b) it actually works!

Get it here!

Death Star Ice Sphere Mold ($7.99)

Death Star

I don’t think I could have possibly loved my rarely-offered glasses of Coke anymore than I already did when I was a kid.

Unless I’d been able to keep it cool with ice made from this mold, that is.

Get it here!

3-2-1 Rocket Utensils ($14.99)


For much younger geeks, eating will be less of a chore when they imagine their utensils delivering galactic payloads of mac ‘n’ cheese into the orbit of their mouths.

Get it here!

Lego Batman Headlamp ($17.99)

Batman Headlamp

Let the Dark Knight help your little geeks defend themselves against the dark with these wicked awesome headlamps.

Get it here!

Building Brick Light Switch Plate ($9.99)


Did you ever have an interactive lightswitch plate when you were a kid? Me, niether!

I say get one of these for your kid’s stocking (and then one for yours).

Get it here!

iDuck – Bathtub Music ($29.99)


Now your little geeks can safely listen to their favorite bath-time tunes with the aid of this pitch perfect rubber ducky.

Get it here!

Things of Pure Play

Character Building: The TARDIS Mini Set ($15.99)

Mini Who

For the young Whovian who loves Moffat’s stories but wants to create adventures of his or her own!

Get it here!

Smart Mass Kinetic Sand ($9.99)

Smart Mass

Like Ooblek for the next generation, this magical sand set is totally moldable and also totally collapsible.

You have to touch it to believe it.

Get it here!

Star Wars Plush Balls ($19.99)


These super soft, super cute Star Wars plush balls are also super audible as they each play their own unique sound effect when squashed.

Get it here!

Dr. Who Gold Dalek Mr. Potato Head ($19.59)

Dalek Head

Everything you need to know about this item is mentioned in its name.

Except for the details of its plans for world domination. That, you and your little geek will have to find out on your own…

Get it here!

And this, friends and neighbors, is just a mere peek under the curtain at what Think Geek has in store for the whole geeky family come Christmastime.

I suggest you get your patooties over there right this instant to find some absolutely perfect gifts for everyone in your clan.

Go on.



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