9 Best Geeky Snowmen from Around the Web

geeky snowmen quote cardWe’re halfway through December now and a lot of families are finding their cars, lawns, sidewalks, and homes buried under mounds of snow in the morning. That can be a really frustrating sight, especially if you’ve got things to do.

But, let me make a suggestion? Put those fancy “things” you “have” to do aside, get your little geeks wrapped up snug as a bug in a toasty-warm rug, take your family outside, and start building snowmen.

You can do all those terribly important “things” later. Right now, it’s time to display your geekhood for the whole neighborhood to see as you and your family create the world’s coolest snowman!

To get your inspiration jump-started, here’s a look at what some other geeks around the world have created with the snow that prevented them from doing those nasty little “things.”

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Top 9 Geeky Snowmen of Winter

Let these creations of cold white art inspire you to make your own!

9. Yoda on Ice


Mmmmm, lifelike does this snowy statue look. The towering height except, of course…

(via Flickr)

8. Dalek Plunger-Danger!


Yes! Here’s what you do: you make this Dalek on your own, without your kids, and pretend to not know where it comes from. Then you buy your kids Sonic Screwdrivers (like we wrote about in this article on ThinkGeek.com stocking stuffers) and take them outside on Christmas morning so they can go to town on them! Now that sounds like a holiday to remember!

(via Flickr)

7. Batman: The White Knight?


It’s true, Batman does look a little strange in all-white, but there’s no denying the sheer geeky awesomeness of creating a snowy Dark Knight bust in your front yard.

(via STATEside)

6. Stay Puft Snow Man


Who you gonna call? Call ME! Cause I wanna see if it if you build a Stay Puft Marshmallow Snowman like this! It’s just totally cool.

(via Reddit)

5. Deadly/Cute Alien


I don’t know whether to be frightened of this little guy or absolutely smitten. It’s so cute! And so scary! And so sweet-looking! And so invader-y appearing! Your little geeks will fall in love with this alien if you decide to make one–and that’s what geeky parenting is all about.

(via Flickr)

4. Who’s Your Snow Daddy? Darth Vader!


The best thing about this one (okay, one of the best things) is how prominently it’s displayed. If you’re gonna go big with a geeky snowman, you might as well put it up where EVERYONE can see it! Just, you know, don’t hurt yourself by falling off the roof. It might make a funny Christmas Memory Story in about ten years or so, but it’d be a very sore subject in the meantime. (Buh-dum-bum.)

(via Flickr)

3. Jabba the Awesomely Colorful Snow-Hutt


A Jabba snowman alone would have been perfectly awesome, but to add color to it? Well, that’s just a touch of brilliance.

Don’t be afraid to get super creative with your geeky snowmen. Putting cold coffee or water with food coloring in a spray bottle is an excellent way to give your creation that edge of artistic genius.

(via NerdApproved)

2. Beware the Snow Gremlin


Now you know what happens when you get water on a mogwai, but did you know that THIS happens when you get ice water on one? Yeah, me either….

(via DeviantArt)

1. No Big Deal… Just a Calvin and Hobbes Re-Creation!!!!

Calvin and Hobbes

Perhaps the geekiest of all snowmen is this wonderful masterpiece. It’s an actual re-creation from a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip panel. Beat that! I dare you!

(via WebUrbanist)

So, do you think you can make a better Jabba, Batman, Yoda, or Vader?

Then do it!

And definitely send us pictures of you and the whole geeky fam with your snowy statues of grand geekery!

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