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We’ve set our geek-dars to ‘awesome’ & homed in on the best 15 iPhone cases for geeks of all shapes & sizes. Start your iPhone case shopping here.

No one takes the time to choose a case for their iPhones that illustrates their personality so stylishly and specifically as do the Brother- and Sisterhood of Geeks.

Some of us like to announce to the world that we are tech buffs, fantasy followers, or uber gamers. Others of us are less concerned with showing the world where our hearts lie and just want a little memento of our true love nearby at all times.

Whatever your reason for wanting one, there are enough awesome iPhone cases for geeks out there to make your head spin round and round.

To give you a nice, cozy starting place, I’ve compiled a list of the top 15 iPhone cases for geeks of all ilks, tribes, clans, and divisions. For the techies, the gamers, and the fantasy lovers, here’s a rundown of cases you might want to throw down some money for.

But …Do You Need an iPhone Case?

iPhonesThe short answer? No, you don’t need a case. In fact, there’s a specific brand of geek that may be totally turned off by cases altogether.

You know who I’m talking about: the Apple Geeks.

They’d like to preserve the attractive lines and curves of the original design and would want nothing to do with obscuring those divine angles.

Then there’s the rest of us. We like to protect our phones because sometimes we go for walks, or get in broadsword battles, or throw our controllers (or whatever’s handy) against the wall when we lose broadsword battles.

We also like to show off our geekiness with wickedly cool designs that speak of our intimate love of Dr. Who, Middle Earth, computer innards, Game Boys or monsters.

If you aren’t one of those Apple Geeks, then yes, you should look into getting an iPhone case. And fortunately for you, my geek guidance system has homed in on the top 15 cases for geeks of all shapes and sizes.

Check ’em out!

Top 3 iPhone Cases for the Tech Geek

Motherboards, circuits, and keyboards, oh my! Here are my picks for the best 3 iPhone cases for the geeks who love hardware, both for practical reasons and just to look cool.

3. Geeky Motherboard

Motherboard CaseIt’s tough polycarbonate with an aluminum insert, it’s super light, it features high res imagery, and it’s just too flippin’ cool.

Take your tech love to the next level with this wicked motherboard case.

Crave it? Get it!

2. Hard Drive

Harddrive CaseAs part of their FLASHBACK Old-School Series, Strapya World brings you this sweet iPhone case dudded up to look like hard disk drive.

Complete with serial numbers, bar codes, and a pictographic warning not to get the thing too close to a glass of wine, this iPhone case is worthy of tech geeks everywhere.

Crave it? Get it!

1. Keyboard Case

Keyboard Case

This one is awesome because of its practicality. Plus it looks great. This super slim case slides open to reveal a fully functional keyboard for the geek who likes to type on the go but maybe isn’t so accurate with a touch screen.

The keyboard connects to you iPhone via Bluetooth, has a rechargeable battery, and can last up to 2 weeks off a single charge.

An excellent choice for the practical tech-loving geek.

Crave it? Get it!

Top 3 iPhone Cases for the Gamer Geek

Even when you can pull yourself away from the screen and console, you never want to be too far away from the gaming culture.

Now you don’t have to be! Here are the top 3 iPhone cases for geeks who love to game.

3. Geek Retro Video Game Console Case

Retro Video Game Console CaseThis fully customizable arcade game iPhone case is made with hard plastic for lightweight and durable protection.

Slim, unobtrusive, and stylish, the Geek Retro Video Game Console Case is a great option for those lifelong Galaga and Pac-Man lovers.

Crave it? Get it!

2. NES Controller Case

NES Controller CaseWho doesn’t love the fact that the original NES controller has become such a cultural mainstay in the world of fashion?

You can get t-shirts, baby onesies, ball caps, belt buckles, wallets, and now an iPhone case made to look like that classic black-red-and-gray rectangle of awesomeness.

Relive the joy you had at finding the Master Sword in The Legend of Zelda for the first time, every time you pull out your iPhone.

Crave it? Get it!

1. Game Boy Case

Game Boy CaseThis one is fantastically nostalgic, amazingly protective, and unbelievably geeky. We love it!

Made from a two-piece polycarbonate guard and leaving you direct access to all ports, buttons and the full camera lens, this Game Boy iPhone case is a must-have for anyone who spent more time playing Tetris under the covers at night than they did actually sleeping.

Crave it? Get it!

Top 3 for the Comic Book Geek

Pow! Krrrrash! Zoom! Comic books have been a geek staple for almost a century, and they’re still going strong.

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Logan, Barry Allen, Tony Stark, and Steve Rogers are such a major part of our lives, so why don’t we honor them by rocking these excellent iPhone cases!

3. The Flash Case

Flash Case

I have to admit to a bit of a bias here… The Flash has always been my favorite superhero, and as soon as I saw this I knew I had to add it to the list. For my own selfish reasons.

But, hey, have you ever spent a lot of time with The Flash, either Barry Allen or Wally West? They’re fantastic characters and this is a fantastic iPhone case. Made from a durable tough plastic material, drawn over by metal wire, this case looks like it would take The Fastest Man Alive to throw this against the wall and do any really damage. (Wait! I said “looks like”, so please don’t throw it against a wall for real!)

Crave it? Get it!

2. Marvel Chara-Covers

Marvel Cases

These. Are. Amazing. Period. With a satin-coated, rubberized hard shell, these Awesome looking Marvel character iPhone covers also feel great in your hand.

Yeah, they might not fit very well in your hip pockets, but just look at them. Look at them! I rest my case.

Crave it? Get it!

1. Iron Man Mark VII Case

Iron Man Case

Iron Man has become the coolest superhero of them all during the past several years (thanks mostly to a very confident performance from Robert Downey, Jr., a good long-term plan from Marvel Studios, and the fact that kids don’t read back issues these days so they just blindly go through their comic book phases like sheep being told what to look at and what to eat by Hollywood. Oh, and because he’s totally cool… PSST. It’s your job to change that.).

Now here’s the coolest iPhone case of all, the Iron Man Mark VII. It comes with a glowing LED Arc Reactor. Nuff said.

Crave it? Get it!

Top 3 for the Fantasy Geek

You know you were a hobbit in a past life, a loveable monster right now, and will soon be reincarnated as the next Doctor. You KNOW it. So celebrate it! Here’s a look at my top 3 iPhone cases for geeks who love the fantastical!

3. TARDIS Case

TARDIS CaseGive your iPhone a whirl in the Time and Relative Dimension in Space machine, designed by the Time Lords and operated by you!

It’s light, it’s slim, it’s protective, and it’ll take you on adventures beyond your wildest dreams and imagination. (Cosmic Screwdriver not included.)

Crave it? Get it!

2. Middle Earth Map Case

middle earth iphone case

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to make as quick a jaunt as possible from Esgaroth to Isengard but somehow wind up east of Emyn Muil? Now you don’t have to worry.

It may not be the most comprehensive Middle Earth map on an iPhone case, but it’ll keep you from getting lost in the southwestern lands.

And it looks beyond awesome.

Crave it? Get it!

1. Harry Potter iPhone Case

harry potter iphone case

One of the few things my wife and I argue about is what non-Dr. Seuss book we’ll read first to our little Geek.

I vote for The Hobbit.

She counters with Harry Potter.

I feel like Harry Potter is fantasy-lite. Geek-lite.

And after I convinced my wife to read The Hobbit… she agrees.

Regardless, this is a pretty cool iPhone case… for those geek-lite geeks out there.

Crave it? Get it!

Top 3 for the Star Wars Geek

May the force be with you and your iPhone. Pretty sure that’s what the whole thing was supposed to be before Lucas decided he’d write another revision to the original screenplay.

Well, who are we to question the Younger Lucas? Let’s slip our iPhones into these bad boys and strut to the John Williams theme you’ll be hearing in your head every time you remember what an awesome case you have in your pocket.

3. Victorian Star Wars Cases

Victorian Star Wars

These were just too cool to not include, even though they aren’t officially licensed goods and may prove to be a legal problem if they gain too much popularity or notice… So, SHHHHH. But check these out! Artist Terry Fan has turned your favorite Star Wars characters into upstanding Victorian gentlemen.

There’s Lord Vader above, but also Baron Von C3PO, Chancellor Chewie, Earl of Mos Eisley, Sir Yoda, Sergeant Trooper, and GENERAL FETT.

You must hit up the link and take a look, even if you don’t plan on buying a new case. But, please, guys… keep it on the DL!

Crave it? Get it!

2. Star Wars Costume Cases

Star Wars Costume Cases

These limited edition Star Wars character cases are beyond awesome, especially with the level of detail.

There are four options here: Chewbacca, Darth, R2-D2, and C3PO. 3PO has a cool glossy gold finish and Chewie has the softest-looking fur finish to complete the look.

Texture is just as important in these cases as look and the creators of these goodies nailed them both.

Crave it? Get it!

1. Han Solo in Carbonite Case

Han in Carbonite

I don’t really think I need to say anything here, do I?

This has just got to be the greatest idea for an iPhone case that has ever been had. Ever.

In the history of great ideas for iPhone cases, this is the grand master funk of them all. I’m getting one this afternoon.

Crave it? Get it!


And there you go, gang: the top 15 iPhone cases for all brands of geek. Be the envy of your friends and celebrate your geekdom with these ridiculously awesome cases.

Let me know if you get one of these! Or, if you found something you think is even better, drop me a line!

(Now, one more look at that amazing Iron Man Mark VII case!)

Iron Man Case 2

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