Best of Etsy: Christmas Presents for Geeky Kids

top 15 etsy gifts for geeky kids

Etsy features a million and one handmade gifts for geeks of all shapes and sizes. Here is our top 15 Etsy gifts for geeky kids this Holiday season.

Instead of waiting in endless lines to pick up the same action figures and video games as seven thousand people before you (and seven hundred thousand people after), pull up the website for Etsy and browse the endless stream of handmade products that any and all geeks would positively love to own.

No lines. No fistfights. No wasted bucks.

If the question on your lips while Christmas shopping is akin to: is there any other way?

Then the answer, my friend, is: Yes. Etsy.

Etsy: A Specialty Store Like No Other

If you choose to support the big-box brand-name stores, I’m not here to chide you. (The Lords of Christmas are well aware that I wouldn’t balk at an Xbox One-shaped present under my tree this year…) But there’s something so incredibly special about shopping at Etsy.

Okay, there’ definitely more than one special thing…

  • Awesome Products — The goods on Etsy are better than good. From shirts to shoes, toys, and tools, this is a site that offers some of the coolest Christmas items you’ll never find in a Best Buy or Target.
  • Independently Owned — The merchants selling their wares are more often than not the very people who built those wares. By shopping Etsy, you’re supporting the “Little Guy” with your money and generosity, and that just screams Holiday Spirit to me.
  • Handmade with Love — Except when printers, sewing machines, or other manufacturing devices are used, almost everything you see here is crafted by hand. That kind of love and attention is totally palpable when you give these gifts, too. You just watch the smile on your kid’s face and call me a liar.
  • Totally Reliable — I’ve used Etsy a lot and every one of those experiences has been positive. Products are shipped right quick and they’re always in great shape. While I can’t vouch for every seller, I gotta say that Etsy does a great job of monitoring reliability with their merchant clients.

Etsy is definitely special. But this isn’t about making craftspeople and sellers happy, it’s about making your little geek happy.

And I promise you: with a well-picked gift from Etsy’s HUGE collection of products and sellers, you’re guaranteed to see some smiles on Christmas morning.

My Picks for Best Etsy Gifts for Geeky Kids

It would take me until next December (at least!) to go through all the Etsy gifts aimed at young geeks–a challenge I definitely intend to take on–but I’ve already been through quite a few of them just the same.

And my verdict is that there are TONS of eligible products for my list of the Best of Etsy. But, in the interest of time, sanity, and my computer’s not-indestructible keyboard, I’ve narrowed it down 15 awesome gift ideas for your little geek this Christmas.

Take a peek and drop me a line, telling me what you think! I’d love to know if any of these picks inspired you to shop Etsy–or if you found something equally awesome that I missed!

But in the meantime, here’s my Top 15 gifts you can buy from Etsy for your geeky kid.

Millennium Falcon Soap ($5.50)


Not many children like bath-time. Not unless they get to do it while playing with one of the greatest space ships of all time–one that just happens to clean them as they play…. Hahahaha! (*laughing and twirling imaginary mustachio ends*)

Buy it here!

Super Mario Bros. Onesie for Babies ($17.00)


These awesome baby clothes featuring an infant-themed screenshot from everybody’s favorite NES game come in pink, blue and green. So you have your choice of following gender norms, breaking gender norms, or going absolutely crazy by putting your kid in green.

Buy it here!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shoe Clips ($9.99)


Perfect for your little geeky gal’s bat mitzvah, first communion, or grade school graduation, as long as your geeky little gal’s a fan of TMNT.

And, really, come on, who isn’t?

Buy it here!

Angry Birds Knit Hat ($8.00)


I don’t know if it’s cold where you are right now, but it’s sure as heck cold here. I wish I could rock the Angry Birds hat right now. It would be a fine statement of geek passion and a lifesaver to my very chilly head.

Two birds, one pig. Buh-dum-bum.

Buy it here!

Star Trek Communicator iPhone Case ($15.00)


If your kid is old enough to have his or her own iPhone, then they’re ready for it to be the most awesome iPhone on the block. One way to do that is by securing it within the geeky-cool innards of a Star Trek communicator.

Buy it here!

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Chewbacca Wall Print ($20.00+)


Honestly, I don’t know who this gift would be more for: your little geek or you… I’d love to have this hanging on my wall, but it would be just as cool if it was on my kid’s. If your little one’s a fan of Chewie, then put this cute guy on his or her wall.

And then secret yourself into their room on occasion to admire it’s undeniable awesomeness.

Buy it here!

lowercase tees youth T-Shirts ($24.00)


lowercase tees make some really sweet t-shirts. These are just two of the many, many awesome models available.

But these were definitely my faves.

Buy it here!

Star Trek Plushies ($40.00)


Has Spock ever looked so cute before? (Well, if you’re my wife, you might have a hard time deciding between these guys and Zachary Quinto, but you get what I mean…)

Buy it here!

Zelda Royal Crest Shoes ($25.00)


Before you ask, yes, I am already searching for a pair of adult-sized versions of these right now.

And I am hopeful.


Buy it here!

One-Eyed Minion T-Shirt ($25.99)

Minion T

This is just super duper cool. The minion’s eye is an applique that sticks out from the shirt, giving it a really sweet 3D element.

Buy it here!

Dinosaur Earrings ($12)


No earrings have EVER been cooler. Your little geekette is going to love them.

Also check out the other models TheKiwaHirsuta has on sale, including Boba Fett and D20 versions!

Buy it here!

3-Pack Superhero Capes ($25.50)

Capes 1

Does your kid want to be Batman one day, Superman the next, and Spider-Man every other hour? Well, then this is the pick of picks for you.

This collection of three superhero capes is perfect for little geeks who want nothing more than to be superheroes with multiple personality disorder.

Buy it here!

AWESOME ALERT: SuperMe’s Super Hero Caped Backpacks RULE!

Thor’s Hammer Replica ($50.00)


Sure, you could get plastic Mjolnirs from Target that are much less expensive, but this is a serious movie replica made from wood.

It’s got a super comfy heft, a really awesome look, and the power of a Thunder God within. KraKOOM!

Buy it here!

Wonder Woman Tutu Set ($59.99)


Your little geek will be the most beautiful Wonder Woman of all time with this super sweet outfit.

Included are: the tutu, tank or tee or onesie, tiara, and cuffs. In other words, everything that makes Diana Prince the coolest gal in the Superhero Universe.

Buy it here!

Lord of the Rings Evenstar Necklace ($12.99)


Remember Arwen’s dazzling necklace in the LOTR movies? Remember wanting to get one for yourself, your spouse, or your kiddo?

Remember wondering how beautiful it would look around one of those gorgeous folk’s necks? Well, now’s your chance! You can buy it today! So do it already!

Buy it here!

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There you have it: my pick for the top 15 Etsy items that would make perfect Christmas presents for your little geeks. I don’t think I need to say that if you’re interested in any of these, you should order immediately.

The holidays are fast approaching and independent sellers don’t have access to delivery drones, like certain online conglomerates.



HahahahaaHAHAhaHA! (*laughing and twirling imaginary mustachio ends…and then looking around confusedly, not really sure what he’s laughing about…and then walking away feeling kind of like an idiot.*)

Oh, and if you’re still looking for something to get your geeky family’s geeky pet, look no further! Here you go:

Mario Cat

(Super Mario Bros. Hat for Cat — $10.50 — Buy it here!)

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