Best Baby Monitors for Geeky Parents

Blink1 in Action
We’re good parents who love our kids and want them to be safe. We want to monitor them when they’re sleeping in another room to make sure they STAY safe. But we’re also geeks, so we want to monitor them with STYLE.

Fortunately, our technophile tendencies can be total satisfied by any number of modern baby monitoring devices. We’ve got tilt/pan baby cams, mobile connectivity, dual-way audio, night vision, and voice-triggered recording capabilities galore.

In other words, when it comes to making sure our kids are good and safe in their rooms at night, we’ve got a whole arsenal of geeky goodness at our disposal.

What to Look For in Baby Monitor Geekdom

Esky Display
Before I lay out the best of the best in modern baby monitor models, there are some things you need to know, should you choose to boldly go your own way in scouting for a new purchase.

  • Adjustability — the ideal baby monitor can be put anywhere; models with remote panning or tilting moves are also awesome for getting the whole picture
  • Audio — you want a monitor with good ears (like Superman good), and an upgrade to two-way audio is perfect for broader communication
  • Mobility — the best new baby monitors will allow you to sync image and audio to apps on your smartphone or tablet, which is handy for when you’re on the go around the homestead
  • Night Modes — high-tech baby monitors are a waste of time and money if they don’t have night vision or “dark modes” for monitoring with the screen off when you’re in bed

Of course money is also a big factor when it comes to choosing the right baby monitors for geeky parents. Sure, we want all the most current features and tech advances, but you don’t want to sacrifice your kid’s college tuition (or that trip to Comic-Con for his/her 12th birthday) for the Cadillac of baby monitors when you don’t really need it.

We have better things on which to spend our rupees.

But you’ll still want the good features. So you have two options: look for an awesome deal by spending hours and hours searching on conglomerate shopping sites, or take a look at my top 5 best baby monitors, forged from the fires of fantastic Geekdom for the hands of worthy moms and pops like us.

Our Top 5 Picks

Here’s a rundown of the models we’re going to meet-and-greet:

5. Lorex LW2450 Live Video Baby Monitor with Pan/Tilt Wireless Camera

4. Esky C5900

3. Summer Infant Baby Touch

2. Mobicam DL Digital Monitoring System

1. Motorola Blink1 Wi-Fi Video Camera

So, without further ado, let’s do some techno mind-melding and see what makes these models so geekalicious.

5. Lorex LW2450 Live Video Baby Monitor with Pan/Tilt Wireless Camera

Lorex LW2450
It doesn’t get any easier for you to keep tabs on your Geek than with this Lorex wireless cam. With panning and tilting capabilities, there’s nothing this monitor can’t see. That and all the other bells and whistles on this bad boy might even be enough to put Big Brother to shame.

The Lorex LW2450’s features include:

  • Worldwide Remote Access — After syncing this wicked, you can use your iPhone, Android device, iPad, PC, or Mac to keep an eye on your kid at any time and from absolutely anywhere.
  • Super Night Vision — This guy’s got better night vision than Gollum. (Well, okay, ALMOST.) Even in total pitch darkness, the Lorex LW2450 can see with crystal clear vision up to 13 feet, more than enough to check up on a sleeping baby
  • 2-Way Audio — Perfect for communicating to your spouse, who’s rocking the baby in the middle of the night. Also perfect for Neptune-to-Earth transmissions when you’re Geek’s old enough to want to be an astronaut.
  • Night Mode — When it’s YOUR bedtime, night mode will allow you to still hear, still communicate, and still record any activity in your kid’s room, but the LCD monitor will shut off so you can rest your weary eyes

All of these features combine to create one seriously bad-ass monitor for We Geeky Moms and Dads. The Lorex Pan/Tilt isn’t super cheap, but you don’t need to be some planetary overlord to afford it, either. Amazon has it listed for about $170.

Alternatively, you can pick up the Lorex LIVE Sense for a few bucks cheaper. But it doesn’t come with the pan/tilt abilities, which in my book makes it far inferior to the Lorex LW2450.

Crave it? Get it!

4. Esky C5900

Esky C5900
I imagine that James Bond, running surveillance on the headquarters of an international terrorist ring hidden away on some remote South Pacific island, would be using the Esky. Of course his version would probably fit on the head of a pin, but still…

The Esky C5900 seemingly has it all. Like the Lorex, it has panning/tilting capabilities, night vision, and full compatibility with Apple and Android smartphone apps.

Above and beyond all that, the Esky C5900 also has built-in DVR recording, 5 times the bandwidth and storage of most of the competition, and best of all: you can turn your home computer into an actual command center with its surveillance management firmware/software.

But there’s a catch… The management software only works for PCs, so if you’re a Mac Gal/Dude, you might want to skip the Esky, even though you can still use the basic functions with your iPhone or iPad.

Also…there have been some negative customer reviews concerning the firmware’s need to be updated so often to avoid getting hacked and also the somewhat confusing operation of the user interface.

But I see the command center software/firmware as just a bonus, like finding an extra bag of gold on your way to the Vault of Tears. It’s not a necessary component. And the rest of the Esky C5900’s features more than make up for some confusing Firefox interface commands.

Crave it? Get it!

3. Summer Infant Baby Touch

Summer Infant Baby Touch
This is another brilliant monitoring device for geeky folks like us. What it doesn’t have is the smartphone-syncability, but with a 3.5 inch color LCD touchscreen, you won’t really need one.

The range is 400 feet, which will pretty much allow anyone to get anywhere around the house without losing connection to their darlings. Other great features include:

  • Talk-back dual audio for communicating between rooms
  • Crystal clear night vision
  • Remote zooming, panning, scanning

The Summer Infant Baby Touch is an awesomely effective and super easy way to manage the safety and well-being of your kiddos. It doesn’t have a lot of the bells and whistles its competition has, but the price tag is significantly lower and the darn thing is just fun to play with.

This one is definitely recommended for those geeks who are still saving for the Comic-Con trip or a new family Bat-mobile, but also want some top-notch eyes and ears.

Crave it? Get it!

2. Mobicam DL Digital Monitoring System

For the family saving up for TWO Bat-mobiles, the Mobicam DL Digital Monitoring System is probably the right gadget for the job. For less than $100, this powerful little monitoring device will give you just about everything you need to make sure your kiddos are safe in bed or in their playrooms.

There’s no smartphone syncing (unless you purchase the MobiCam Anywhere software bundle), but you can absolutely connect it with your home desktop or laptop.

Some of this bad boy’s specs include:

  • 300-foot range with 2.4 GHz digital signal
  • Visuals at 28 frames-per-second
  • 2.4-inch TFT LCD touchscreen remote
  • 20-foot visual range in night mode
  • Voice-activation modes

MobiCam offers other models with much higher performance capability, but this model in particular stood out as being a very powerful little fella for a very little amount of money. It’s the right combination of thrift and thrive.

Crave it? Get it!

1. Motorola Blink1 Wi-Fi Video Camera

Motorola Blink1

And the #1 baby monitor for Geeky Parents? The Motorola Blink1.

This video camera is like a mini SkyNet. Seriously, if you want to feel like’s DC’s Oracle, controlling an incredible piece of spy machinery, feeling like you hold the entire world in the palm of your hands, then this is the cam for you.

All hyperbole aside, this is epic.

It has everything the others have: pan/tilt, night vision, and two-way audio. It also has the ever-lovely smartphone-syncability.

But there’s more:

  • Lullaby Player
  • Visual noise level alert
  • Room temperature display
  • Wifi connection for unlimited physical range

The Motorola Blink1 is a crazy good camera to use as a baby monitor. There’s NOTHING you won’t know about what’s going on in that other room.

But that kind of superior knowledge comes with a price. A price of $250, to be precise. It’s definitely an investment, and not one that everybody is capable of making, but for those who can lay down $250 without sweating like Dr. Horrible’s sidekick Moist, then this has got to be the model for you.

Crave it? Get it!

Other Geeky Options for Baby Monitor Awesomeness

iBabyThere are, of course, a ton of other monitoring devices out there for your enjoyment. Not many of them offer as much value or as many all-inclusive features as those listed above, but if you haven’t fallen in love already, they’re worth a look-see.

  • Belkin WeMo Baby Monitor for Apple — At only $70, this device is good for the budget-minded. It turns any iOS device into a baby monitor, using your pre-existing WiFi connection and free app software. Some complaints about user interface, but it’s a decent price.
  • Dropcam HD Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera — Like the Motorola Blink1, the Dropcam has plenty of bells and whistles. Unlike the Blink1, it only costs $150, but that price cut also includes massive bandwidth use and a fairly expensive monthly fee for DVR recording.
  • iBaby Monitor — Designed specifically to be used with your iPhone or iPad, the iBaby monitor is very easy to operate with quick swiping, pinching, and tapping. It’s pricey, but it’s powerful.
  • Acer ChromebookEvoz Baby Monitor App — This is a FREE app that allows you to listen in on your baby with the use of two iOS devices. You put one in the kid’s room and keep one handy and you can hear it all. There’s no video and some users have been reporting crashes, but it’s FREE. Definitely worth a try.
  • Skype & Other Vid Chat Ideas — Another DIY baby monitor idea is by setting up two laptops to video chat. One goes in the baby room and the other stays with you. You can have two-way audio with these and even record video. If you don’t have a second laptop, you can opt for using a Google Hangout and picking up Samsung Chromebook (Skype doesn’t work on Chromebooks… But you know that already, don’t you?)

Get Your Geeky Ma-and-Pa Baby Monitor

If you’re a bit (or a lot) of a geek and you have a child you want to keep tabs on at night, then know that there’s plenty of goodies on the market that will satisfy your technophile appetite.

No matter your budget or the level of your Big Brother ambition, we’ve got you covered.

Do you have any other suggestions for baby monitoring for geeks? What do you think are the most important features for a home command center?

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