6 Lessons On How to Be a Gentleman From Super Mario Brothers

Mario the GentlemanWant your kid to learn how to be a gentleman? To grow up brave, chivalrous & romantic? Then introduce him to Super Mario!

Super Mario is a wonderful role model to kids of all ages. But for the child who wishes to grow up to be a true gentleman, Super Mario is perhaps the best role model of all.

Seriously! This little dude is chivalrous, kind, inquisitive about gastronomy, loving to his family, courageous no matter his size, and willing to walk through hell and back (and back and back and back, several MORE times) in order to save the woman he loves from the creepy claws of dragon-turtle-monster-dog…things.

If you want your kid to be a genuine gentleman later in life, you could do no better than to introduce him to Mario and all his many virtues.

On Being a Gentleman: Lessons from Mario!

Chivalry Shan’t Ever Die

Mario & ChivalryA true gentleman puts others before himself, especially when love is involved. Whether the object of your geeky kid’s affections is a princess or a prince, Mario will teach them that chivalry isn’t dead (and never shall be) and that killer walking turtles, killer flying turtles and killer dragon turtles (okay, turtles of all kinds) ought never to stop them from risking life and limb to save the day and win that true love’s kiss.

Mario has fought his way into lord knows how many castles (eight in the first Super Mario Bros. alone!) in order to save his heart’s desire from harm. He shrank his body, he threw himself through gross green pipes without seeing where they end, he faced adversaries thrice his size, and he has never given up.

With Mario as a role model, your child will understand that princes and princesses must be treated with respect, dignity and a never-ending willingness to keep them safe.

(Just, you know, make sure this trait doesn’t develop into an affinity for stalking, okay? Seriously, if Princess Peach had told Mario and Luigi to back off, they surely would have done so without the advice of a restraining order.)

Being Kind to Animals

Mario & AnimalsMario never harms an animal unless his life is threatened (or unless he wants to rack up his score…) and this is another mark of a true gentleman.

In fact, one of Mario’s closest friends and allies is Yoshi, a loveable dinosaur in whom he trusts his life and regards very highly indeed. Without his friendship with Yoshi and the kindness he displays to him, Mario would never have achieved his goal in rescuing the Princess.

Like Mario, a gentleman is always friendly towards animals. Except when they breathe fire. Or when he’s trying to make the scoreboard explode. Or…

Well, never mind, you get the idea.

Food Appreciation

Mario & MushroomsA gentleman isn’t afraid to try new things, especially in the world of culinary arts. Just as a prince would never decry his princess for ordering a dish not traditionally to his liking, so Mario would never deny the tasty virtues of a wild power mushroom just because of its electric technicolor hue.

With Mario as his guide, your little gentleman will learn that trying new foods is often a fascinating experience, full of delightful surprises.

(Just… Well, just warn your kid about following Mario’s example literally. You know? You know.)

Brotherly Love

Mario & LuigiSelfish. Ego-centric. A lone wolf. These do not describe our beloved Mario. In fact, Mario is the very definition of a team player. And his most favorite teammate of them all? His very own brother Luigi.

Mario, as a role model, will teach your kid that brotherly love is among the noblest loves of all. His Princess may always be in Another Castle, somewhere maybe far away, but his family will always be by his side.

A real gentleman understands that the bond between him and his brother–be he a blood relative or a more figurative bro–is as important as the bond between him and the object of his romantic affections.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Mario & SizeOkay, it’s really great when Mario is big. It’s even better when he’s HUGE. But even when he’s small, Mario is no pushover. Small Mario can whoop some Koopa Troopa tuckus with the absolute best of them.

A gentleman is a gentleman is a gentleman, no matter if he’s 6-foot-2 or 4-foot -9. If a guy or gal is honorable, courageous, chivalrous, daring and romantic, then height is nothing more than a couple of numbers thrown together with an “and” placed in between. Period.

Perseverance (Or Sticktoitiveness, Which I Just Found Out is an Actual Word)

Mario & PerseveranceMario does not give up. Likewise, a gentleman does not give up.

In the original Super Mario Bros., Mario battled through EIGHT different worlds, each containing FOUR separate stages, including dungeons. He battled untold numbers of Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Piranha Plants, Lakitus, Bullet Bills, Spinys, Hammer Brothers, Buzzy Beetles, and Bowsers in order to save his beloved Princess Peach.

And then he did it again. In DOZENS of subsequent games.

A gentleman would fight for his own love at least as much as Mario has. And if called upon to do so, he would fight twice as many again.

(But if the perseverance continues beyond the point of gentleman-like behavior, and on into the realms of plain ol’ creepiness, you should probably put a stop to it. Before the courts do.)

Finals Thoughts on Super Mario, The Super Gentleman

Mario & SuperMario is the perfect role model if you want your kid to grow up into a gentleman. He displays nearly all the virtues of an authentically noble dude, including several more I’ve not even mentioned.

You could certainly do a lot worse than put Mario up on a pedestal before your child’s eyes.

Like putting Donkey Kong up there.

Or even worse… Donkey Kong, Jr.


(Another mark of a true gentleman: Mario has touched the absolute bottom of the barrel and bounced back with aplomb. Which is incredibly admirable, considering the reflection he found staring back at him from those dark, dank depths…)

Mario & Adversity


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