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Build a Bill Porter LED Tetris Tie With Your Geeky Kids This Sunday

Hello again, fellow geeks! Just a quick note here to draw your attention to what may be the coolest, geekiest, most undeniably awesome bit of business garb the world has ever known. Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, presenting the LED Tetris Tie! Make a Tetris Tie With Your Lil Geeks in One […]

In the Works: A Choose Your Own Adventure Movie!

Attention fellow geeks: a Choose Your Own Adventure movie is coming soon (ish) to a theater near you! “Wait, whaaaaaat?” That was my reaction upon reading a very similar headline. Choose Your Own Adventure? As a MOVIE? I was completely torn. Half of my brain wanted to throw an 80’s themed dance party in my […]

Top 12 Destinations for Geeky Family Road Trips

Thinking about taking the whole family on the geekiest road trip known to mankind? Then check out these must-see destinations for geeks of Science, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Comic Books! You know the feeling: sitting on the couch or around the fireplace as a family, watching old Firefly and Star Trek episodes or reading your favorite […]

The Geeky Parents’ Guide to Raising a Superhero

Want your little geek to grow up to be a superhero? Of course you do! So here are a few tips and hints for making that dream come true! For as long as I can remember (and this includes during coffee this morning), I’ve always wanted to be a superhero. I didn’t necessarily need the […]

Do You Know Where Your Kids Are? Google Sure Does.

With Google Maps, you can now keep track of your family’s whereabouts and location history. It’s not something widely talked about, but maybe it should be. Do you remember that old PSA that tells you that “It’s 10 P.M.” and asks “Do you know where your children are?” I do, because it always left me […]

5 Awesome Nighttime Activities for Geeky Families

Scrambling for things to do at home during the wintertime, when the sun sets so dang early? Well, here’s a list of my top 5 nighttime activities for every geek in the family to enjoy! The days are only now starting to get longer, and hanging out with the family after work when it’s dark […]

7 Super Cool, Geeky Snack Recipes

Looking to geekify your culinary craftsmanship? Well here are seven sweet recipes your kids won’t be able to resist! Hey, you may even find yourself gravitating toward the snack bowl yourself. (Okay, there’s no “may” about it… you definitely will!) Getting your little geek to eat anything other than chicken nuggets or mac ‘n’ cheese […]

6 Geektastic New Year’s Resolutions for the Undecided

Do you know what your New Year’s resolutions are going to be? Well, if not: geeks unite! And take a gander at my list of the best self-promises for geeks in the new year! Now we’ve been talking about Christmas and Hanukkah for a while here on Geeks Raising Geeks. Everything from Star Wars decorations […]

Top 9 Geekiest Winter Holiday Songs for the Whole Family

Are your geeky kids tired of the same old ubiquitous Christmas and winter holiday tunes? Mine, too! So let’s start a new tradition by singing these awesome carols for geeks! Let’s be honest here: you and me, we were sick of Christmas carols and tinsel-tinged tunes even before Thanksgiving. Blasting through the speakers from our […]

Best of Etsy: Christmas Presents for Geeky Kids

Etsy features a million and one handmade gifts for geeks of all shapes and sizes. Here is our top 15 Etsy gifts for geeky kids this Holiday season. Instead of waiting in endless lines to pick up the same action figures and video games as seven thousand people before you (and seven hundred thousand people […]