Jordan Bass: Time Traveler, Hyrule Trekker & Mushroom Kingdom Savior

Jordan is a plucky young adult raised in the ways of Geek. When not writing for, she can be found organizing charity video game marathons

Nintendo 2DS Survival Guide (For Parents)

Has your child been hounding you for the most recent handheld upgrade: the Nintendo 3DS? Nintendo is soon to release a cheaper alternative to this astounding handheld: the Nintendo 2DS. Though, is the handheld even worth the price? In this article, we discuss the relative pros and cons of this new addition to the DS […]

Top 8 Costumes for Geeky Pets

Are you ready for Halloween? Or better yet, is your PET ready for Halloween? Check out these geeky pet costumes for ideas & inspiration before the 31st. So, after countless hours preparing your children, your spouse, and yourself for the spookiest night of the year, you have one family member left to prepare: your pet! […]

How to Raise Your Kid to Be Like Westley of “The Princess Bride”

Do you want your child to be strong, courageous, dedicated & have a masterful wit? Then learn how to raise him or her to be like Westley of ‘The Princess Bride’. Oh, The Princess Bride, one of the most revered family movies of the 80s and a fantastic book for all ages. As described by […]

Minecraft: The Sandbox Game for Parents and Children Alike

Minecraft is one of the best video games to play as a family. Learn the benefits of playing Minecraft with your children & what it can teach your kids. After surfing the internet for long enough, it’s difficult for the geeky adult (Geekus Oldus) to not see a screenshot or two of the game Minecraft. […]