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Is there Anything Cooler than a Hot Tub Hammock? Definitely Not.

The Hydro Hammock Is this the best invention of all time? We think it might be. On Kickstarter right now¬†(of course it’s already been fully funded and then some) is the Hydro Hammock, which is, yes, A HOT TUB IN A HAMMOCK. Is there anyone in the world who wouldn’t love to own a Hydro […]

Teach Fiscal Responsibility with the Digital Money Counting Jar

Digital Money Counting Jar Growing up, almost all of us had a piggy bank or something similar. When you’re a kid, collecting even a few extra pennies, nickels, and dimes is a big deal. While these tiny banks rarely add up to any significant money, piggy banks teach kids the responsibility of saving money and […]

Make Your House More Awesome with a Pirate Ship Playhouse

Pirate Ship Playhouse If your kids are big fans of¬†Pirates of the Caribbean, or if you’re just looking for an awesome upgrade to your backyard or pool, it’s high time you considered getting yourself an epic, custom-made Pirate Ship Playhouse from Etsy’s Tiny Town Studios. Instead of having your kids fry their brains watching television […]