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6 Geektastic New Year’s Resolutions for the Undecided

Do you know what your New Year’s resolutions are going to be? Well, if not: geeks unite! And take a gander at my list of the best self-promises for geeks in the new year! Now we’ve been talking about Christmas and Hanukkah for a while here on Geeks Raising Geeks. Everything from Star Wars decorations […]

Top 9 Geekiest Winter Holiday Songs for the Whole Family

Are your geeky kids tired of the same old ubiquitous Christmas and winter holiday tunes? Mine, too! So let’s start a new tradition by singing these awesome carols for geeks! Let’s be honest here: you and me, we were sick of Christmas carols and tinsel-tinged tunes even before Thanksgiving. Blasting through the speakers from our […]

9 Best Geeky Snowmen from Around the Web

We’re halfway through December now and a lot of families are finding their cars, lawns, sidewalks, and homes buried under mounds of snow in the morning. That can be a really frustrating sight, especially if you’ve got things to do. But, let me make a suggestion? Put those fancy “things” you “have” to do aside, […]

Reclaim the Gift of Sleep with ZAZOO Photo Clock!

With the ZAZOO Kids’ Photo Clock next to your little geek’s bed, you might just find yourself sleeping snugly until your own alarm goes off, instead of waking to the alarming sensation of having your eyebrows tugged on by tiny hands. Seriously! Not even joking! New parents will tell their currently-child-less friends that there’s a […]

Best of Etsy: Christmas Presents for Geeky Kids

Etsy features a million and one handmade gifts for geeks of all shapes and sizes. Here is our top 15 Etsy gifts for geeky kids this Holiday season. Instead of waiting in endless lines to pick up the same action figures and video games as seven thousand people before you (and seven hundred thousand people […]

Just Say No: Fisher Price’s Newborn to Toddler Apptivity/iPad Seat

Has Fisher Price gone too far with their Newborn to Toddler Apptivity Seat? We at Geeks Raising Geeks think so. Here’s our take on this toddler iPad seat. At first glance, the new infant iPad pavilion looks like just another product in a long list of tech-centric baby gear, not so much heralding in a […]

Best Geeky Stocking Stuffers from

If I reminded you that Christmas was just around the corner, would you smack me for stating the obvious? Probably. And I probably wouldn’t blame you. No doubt you already have an idea of what kinds of BIG presents you’re giving your kids (or maybe you’ve already bought them, you crazy go-getter you!), but what […]

Best Star Wars Christmas Decorations for Geeky Families

Deck the halls with boughs of Star Wars holly this Christmas! Do you know how many awesome Star Wars-themed Christmas decorations are out there? A lot. I mean a LOT a lot. Seriously. In order to buy and use them all, you’d have to have as much moolah as the Emperor of the Galactic Empire […]