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The Geeky Parent’s Guide to Black Friday 2013

As a Geeky parent raising a geeky kid, Black Friday brings all sorts of craziness. Here’s our geeky parent’s steals & deals guide to Black Friday in 2013. No matter how you feel about Black Friday, there’s no denying the insane number of sweet super-sales on toys for geeks of all ages. Let me guide […]

iPotty Toilet Training: Foolish Craziness or Crazy Awesomeness?

Is the iPotty the potty training tool that geeky parents raising geeky kids need? Read my iPotty review to learn if it’s a silly tech ka-ka, or revolutionary. File this one under the category labeled: whhaaaaa…? At first glance, the iPotty seems like a downright terrible idea. Having such a precious piece of electronic goodness […]

SuperME’s Super Wonderful Cape Backpacks

SuperME is a company that specializes in heroic backpack/cape combos. They are such fantastic gifts for our little geeks for several reasons. One, of course, is to encourage and cultivate a love for geeky wonder in our children. Another is to give our kids a nice, healthy ego boost. As a great man once said: […]

These Parents of the Year Teach Us a Lesson in Imagination

Every night through November, these Parents of the Year make their children’s dinosaurs come to life & wreck havoc through the house. In these days of iPads, iPhones, and iWhatevers, the imagination of our children is too often relegated to mini silver screens. While we can do our best to read bedtime stories to them, […]

Best Geeky-Themed Hand Painted Murals in Kid Rooms

When our son was in the womb, my wife and I fantasized about hand painting an elaborate, geeky mural in his nursery. We imagined the walls coming alive to the tune of Super Mario World. Unfortunately, I’m a writer and she’s a teacher and neither of us are artists. While you can always buy a […]

RC Pac-Man Chasers Will Provide Geeky Kids With 30 Minutes of Fun!

Scenario 1: Two little geeks, chasing each other through the house, causing a wild rumpus and wrecking havoc throughout. Scenario 2: Two little geeks, sitting on the floor, engaged in an epic chasing match of Pac-Man vs Blinky… Except this chase isn’t on the silver screen. Oh, no. It’s instead on your floor. That’s right. […]

Classic Video Game Controller Ornament Set: A Geeky Parent’s Christmas

OMGZ. Holidays. Joy. Christmas. Chanukah. Help. Presents. Family. Help. That chain reaction of thoughts is what blasts through my mind about once an hour. Sometimes the order is right-on, sometimes it gets mixed up. But no matter what, ‘help’┬áis in there twice. And if you need some stress relief, or simply want to decorate the […]

The Geeky Parent’s Guide to Raising a Football Fan

Are you a geeky parent who’s discovered your little one is a big football fan? Do you know what to do? If not, let me give you a few helping hints! Okay, I know, it is a stereotype that geeky folks don’t like sports. And stereotypes can be (and generally are) detrimental to the social, […]

San Francisco Transforms Into Gotham City for a Boy’s Make-a-Wish

Heartbreaking and heartwarming at once: On November 15th, San Francisco will transform into Gotham City for Miles to become BatKid for his Make-a-Wish. Meet Miles. Miles is a 5-year-old leukemia patient who made a wish: To become Batman for one day. Rarely does Make-a-Wish request the public to help in making dreams come true for […]

Best Tablets for Kids: What Tablet to Buy Your Geek in 2013

Geeks Raising Geeks dives into our choices for the best tablets for geeky kids. These educational tablets will grow their brains with hours of fun games. If you have a kid and own a tablet, then you already know how little time you get to spend on it. Kids love them. And why not? With […]